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Buying Jollyhers holiday dresses for little girls clothes can be both a necessary evil and an expensive pastime. Annual American spending on clothing and accessories tops $250 billion, with global spending at $1.2 billion, according to data compiled by Statistic Brain. Chances are, if youíre an average American, a portion of your paychecks goes to clothing, shoes, and accessories. After all, you canít show up to work wearing your old ripped jeans.

But what if instead of lining the pockets of clothing designers, manufacturers, and retailers, you kept more cash in the bank while giving your clothes new life? Instead of getting rid of damaged garments and buying something new, see if the stuff in your closet can be fixed, altered, or repurposed.

Sneaky tips and tricks used regularly by industry insiders can give new life to your closet and your personal style. By knowing how to extend the life of your clothes, you can spend less money on fashion that you donít really need.

Clothing Hacks That Really Work

1. Rotate Your Closet

My first-ever job was stocking shelves in a grocery store, and the first thing I learned was to always rotate product. New things go to the back so the older stuff sells first. It reduces waste and moves product in an organized way.

As an adult, Iíve applied the same principle to my closet for a couple of reasons. First, because it ensures that I wear all my clothes and donít forget about any hanging in the back of the closet. Second, it reduces wear and tear on my favorite duds by spacing out how often I put them on. Rotating your closet means that when you do laundry and hang up your clothes, the freshly washed stuff goes to the back and pushes your other clothes front and center, where youíre more likely to see and grab them.

Another simple tip for rotating your closet is to make sure all your hangers are facing the same way. Then, when you wash and replace items, face the hangers the opposite way. After about six months, you should be able to see clearly which items are worn frequently, and which remain untouched and could be sold or donated. Keeping an organized, tidy closet means that youíre less likely to buy things you already have.

2. Fast Zipper Fixes

When a zipper gets stuck or refuse to stay up properly, there are two quick fixes that can save you from embarrassing moments Ė and save your favorite jeans from the trash bin:

If Your Zipper Is Stuck: Apply lubricant to the stuck part of the zipper to gently ease the pull-down. A little lip balm rubbed on the inside of the zipper usually does the trick. A graphite pencil can accomplish the same result.
If Your Zipper Wonít Stay Up: If youíve put on a skirt or pants just to have the zipper inch its way down your body, give it a little staying power. Spray some hairspray on the open zipper, wait about 30 seconds, and zip up. The stickiness of the hairspray keeps the teeth in place. If you still canít get the zipper to stay up, thread an empty keyring onto the zipper pull. You can then zip up and hang the keyring on your pants button for a sneaky way to make sure your zipper doesnít budge.
3. Break In Tight Shoes

A pair of shoes could be too tight for a number of reasons: They might have been on sale, so you purchased a pinching pair even though you knew they werenít comfortable. Or, weight gain and water retention might make your previously comfy shoes decidedly uncomfortable. Luckily, thereís a way to fix leather, suede, and synthetic leather shoes with a pair of socks and a hairdryer.

Slip on a thick pair of socks, and then find a comfortable seated position and put the shoes on your feet, over the socks. Then, blast your feet with a hairdryer for about a minute, or long enough to heat the shoes. Turn off the hairdryer, but continue wearing the shoes until theyíre completely cooled, or for about five minutes. The heat makes the shoe material stretch, and cooling them on your enlarged feet holds the new, stretched shape. When you take the shoes off, they should permanently be about a half-size bigger than they were before.

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