What To Bear in mind When Angling For Black Marlin

By: Ben Pate

Fishing for black marlin is every anglers dream. This species of fish is highly regarded as one of the most challenging fish a person can go after. If you are thinking about going on a vacation to try and hunt for black marlin you should strongly consider looking into marlin fishing charters. You will give yourself the best possible chance to successfully locate and catch these majestic fish with the help and guidance of a professional charter company. Finding and catching black marlin can be a very difficult process and the hunt should only be undertaken if you know what you are doing.


If you are serious about catching black marlin, you should find a couple marlin fishing charters to help you on your voyage. It is nearly impossible for novice fishermen to successfully catch black marlin on their own. You will need the help and guidance of experienced charter companies that have a proven track record of catching large game fish. Charter companies will be able to outfit you with the proper bait, equipment, and knowledge so that you will have a great chance to successfully reel in a black marlin. Also, you will not have to worry about having your own boat when you hire a fishing charter.


Once on the line, a black marlin can fight for hours, wearing heavily on the anglers who are fortunate enough to hook one. Once hooked, black marlin tend to swim deeply, without jumping, but early in the battle some have been known to make spectacular jumps from the sea. A common method to lure a black marlin in is to troll brightly colored lures or rigged baitfish behind vessels. Live bait has also proven effective. By choosing to hire a reputable fishing charter, you will give yourself the best chance of actually catching an elusive black marlin.

How To Spot A Black Marlin

Some black marlin specimen have also shown a glossy, silver sheen all over their body, leading some in Hawaii to dub this species the 'silver marlin'. Black marlins can mature up to 15 feet in length and have been recorded weighing in at an astonishing 1000 pounds. However, male black marlins are in general almost always smaller than their female counterparts. For example, it is extremely rare that a male black marlin exceeds 300 pounds. To eat, research shows that black marlin use their long, sharp bills to devour their prey.

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Catching a record setting black marlin is every fisherman's dream. If you are serious about catching a black marlin you should first consult with a couple of marlin fishing charters. They will be able to offer advice on what types of bait and equipment to use. Fishing for black marlin is more popular than ever before.

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