What On Earth is an Air Compressor?

By: Guy Morris

Air compressors are vital in order to power certain types of power tool. Many companies prefer using this type of power tool because they are much more efficient and some people think that they are better for you. The kind of compressor which you choose to buy depends completely on the types of tools which you will be using. Good makes to consider include Copeland compressors, Quincy compressors and Husky air compressors.

Factors to Consider in an Air Compressor

You need to think about how you will use the air compressor, and how often it will be used. Which types of tools will you be using with this compressor? Different types of tools will require a different amount of power. Nail guns need a higher volume compressor than a drill. Tools like drills or sanders need a steady flow of air and so do not require such a high volume compressor.

Air compressors are available in all sorts of budgets, you should set a budget which you can afford to spend. Certain brands can be very expensive, but that doesn't mean that they are really that much better. One way to get a good compressor without having to pay a fortune is to buy a second hand air compressor.

You need to also consider the type of pump which will be used. Most air compressors are either direct drive or belt driven. Direct driven machines last for about five hundred hours of use, these are much smaller than other machines. If you don't plan on using the compressor very often then one of these direct drive solutions would work very well. Direct driven machines do not need any oil. Belt driven machines will last much longer, up to 1500 hours. These are much better for professional use however will need oil changes every five hundred hours.

The power of all air compressors will be quoted in both horsepower and pounds per square inch. Both of these are important although they refer to different things. Make sure that your tools are powerful enough to power everything that you need. Check all of the tools which you will be using before buying your compressor.

Another thing which you must bear in mind is the size of the tank. Common compressors are available with tanks from two gallons right up to one hundred gallons. The longer that you use for tools for, the bigger tank size you need to have. Air on the side of caution and buy a slightly larger tank than you will think that you'll need.

Shopping Around for an Affordable Air Compressor

You must shop around before choosing which air compressor to buy. You should try to compare the machines like for like.

You don't have to buy a new machine you could consider buying a reconditioned air compressor. Reconditioned machines are second hand, but have been inspected and any worn out parts have been replaced. Most of these didn't get much use and are in very good condition.

You could consider shopping online as you may be able to get a much better buy.

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