What Network Marketer Are You - Flintstone or Jetson?

By: Bob B Howard

A friend of mine, Larry Beacham, wrote a commentary by a comparable name a hardly any months back and it was such a well done article and he made so many good points in it that I wanted to reiterate much of it again. So with his permission I am writing this follow up to his inventive article.

We are in the Information Age not the Stone Age! What worked in the past does not work that same way in our fast society

The old school ways of cold calling or pestering your friend and relatives who are not realy qualified does not really work. However, the key thing here is that this is exactly what most networks marketing companies teach you to do. It is how 98% of all network marketers do it today. As Larry said it "Yet, millions of network marketers are stuck in the past, using Fred Flintstone techniques to try and lure the George Jetson prospect". Words that are very true. I am not saying this does not work because it does, however it takes the right kind of personality to build your business this way.

Todays tools can make is much easier if you know how. The consumer now a days has less time and wants a smarter process to follow and thereby duplicate. The most successful Internet network marketers today use modern technology and bring prospects to them instead of running after them.

Look as the difference in the old "Fred Flintstone" techniques and the new "George Jetson" techniques.

FLINTSTONE: Uses stuff like a prospect list or names list and acts like an amateur marketer calling everyone they know to find a handful of people that may be interested in their business, or NOT.
JETSON: Uses emails, web sites, and blogs to attract a very targeted group of people who are drawn to the marketer.
CONTRAST: It is so important to understand that the marketer is selling himself not the business opportunity. People do transactions with people, not with computers or companies. The consumer is building a repport with the marketer as the marketer sells himself. This is ATTRACTION MARKETING.

FLINTSTONE: Invites non-qualified prospects to attend meetings on the other side of the city and then tries to push the business on them. Then he tries to figure out why people do not become a member.
JETSON; Creates pre-recorded wibinars and teleconferences for prospects that are have demonstrated interest.
CONTRAST: Recordings can be listened to or watched 24 hours a day 7 days a week when the prospect has the time to review the information in the comfort of their home or office. The marketer only talks to those that have a GENUINE INTEREST after reviewing all the materials and having time to take it in.

FLINTSTONE: Has a salesman's mentality and tries to convince or strong arm the prospect and their objections.
JETSON: Thinks like an independent consultant and provides value to the marketplace on the front-end of the process.
CONTRAST: By giving value, educating, providing comfort, confidence and trust the prospect is interested in the information being shared.

FLINTSTONE: Doesn't think in terms of long term relationship building with a prospect; wants to sell the product or enroll them immediately and if it does not happen is dismissed with no follow up strategy.
JETSON: Have a long term approach to the prospect and uses education and automatic communication tools to keep in touch with them for an extended period of time.
CONTRAST: The new technique allows the natural buying cycle of the individual to take its course which leads to a sale or enrollment in the future when the prospect is ready. Its about developing a relationship for the long term, it may be years before the prospect joins.

FLINTSTONE: Often uses a facade to catch peoples attentions just so they can do a business presentation.
JETSON: Recognizes that the prospect needs to be interested first and then builds rapport with them through educational videos, blogging or articles.
CONTRAST: Being a trusted advisor to the prospect will make them more receptive. Let the prospect get to you in their own time. This approach will increase the odds that the prospect will succeed when they do finally join because they are ready and more fully understand the business.

What a large difference there is between the Fred Flintstone and George Jetson marketer. So stop doing things the old way and get into the modern day processes.You can reach many more people and be much more professional using these techniques. You will also be able to reach out to thousands of people and sort them into groups that allow you to apply the appropriate attention..

Please let me know what you think about this content. I welcome all comments. I hope that it helps you to be able to attain what you want out of your business.

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