What Mistakes Do People Make When It Comes To Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend?

By: Charlie Stelfox

Making sure a relationship lasts is like nurturing a tree. It takes the right foundation, the right soil and regular maintenance. Some trees grow taller and fuller than others. Why is that? Because some trees are cared for and some are not. Some people let trees grow as they may other people give trees the proper nutrition and care that they need.

The same idea holds true with relationships. If you take the time to care for it then it will grow and blossom into the type of life that you want it to have. If not, you will let the winds of life carry it as it may.

At times it doesn't seem easy but the secret to long lasting relationships is knowing each other through the use of questions.

The answers to the questions to ask your boyfriend holds the key to the future of the relationship. You need to be forthright and tactful when asking questions that will help firm up the relationship.

But yet people make some basic mistakes when it comes to asking questions. I will list some of these mistakes in the hope that you become aware of them. Becoming aware to avoid these mistakes will go a long ways in making sure that your relationship will last a long time.

*Some people never ask questions because they don't want to rock the boat. You'll never know what you don't ask. That one statement holds a lot of people back from even contemplating asking questions. If your partner has a temper or is moody a lot of the times then that should be a clue. A clue that you need to follow up on and help you make a decision in life. You need to get it together and ask questions to find out what aspirations and dreams that your partner has.

* People never find out what one of the biggest reasons is behind asking questions. The biggest reason is to find out about the future. You don't need to go to a fortune teller to find out the future. You just need to ask questions. Asking questions holds the light for the future. Striving for a better future and knowing what needs to be done is important to know. It keeps a reason burning within both of you that needs to be burning all the time. Don't let the candle burn out within both of you because you haven't asked enough questions.

*People ask questions at the wrong time. Asking probing questions needs to be asked in the right environment. Asking questions about the future at a baseball game or at a movie is definitely the wrong time and place. Make sure that you ask questions of the future in an environment where there isn't much distraction with other people or the environment.

One of the best places is when taking a walk in the park. Or on the beach. Someplace where you can really think about the future.

The point is to make the time and place soft to the mind and receptive to probing questions.

*Don't argue with his viewpoints. One thing that takes a lot of learning in life is that no one can change people's minds. So don't think you are the exception. When you ask a question and his answer is opposite in ideology as yours don't enter into a debate. His opinion is his and yours is yours. We have free will and that option to exercise within ourselves. It would be nice if everything was complementary but life isn't as easy as that.

The answers to the questions to ask your boyfriend should be appreciated. He is willing to let you in on his world. If you totally disagree with him you need to ask another question otherwise you risk becoming emotional about the whole situation. When that happens words get thrown out that don't necessarily need to come out at this time.

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