What Makes a Good Gift Idea?

By: Mira Lash

The Essentials of a Good Gift Idea

  • Gifts are intended to make the recipient of the gift happy (or at least, less sad than before). Hence the gift idea should be something that would please the recipient and that is in line with the personís hobbies and interests. Your own preferences should be only secondary.

  • If the occasion for the gift is such that the recipient is likely to receive many gifts, as at a wedding or birthday, consider the possibility that the person might receive several identical gifts, lessening the personís pleasure in receiving it. Few people might like to receive half a dozen identical iPods.

  • A gift that retains its attractiveness for a long time would continue to bring joy that long. Something that gets tarnished or discolored easily, or require frequent cleaning involving strenuous efforts, is not likely to be appreciated all that much.

  • A collectible item is likely to be a good gift idea, provided the recipient is interested in the collectible, as it is likely to be viewed and/or handled more frequently by the person. To some extent, collectibles also minimize the problem of identical gifts mentioned above. Unless the items are exactly identical (which might be easier to avoid), the recipient is likely to be pleased with more numbers.

  • Gift ideas that are appropriate to the occasion are likely to be considered tasteful. For example, a Christmas gift could consist of something that has some religious significance while a Valentine present could be an item related to the theme of love.

  • Select a gift that clearly brings out your good feelings for the recipient, something that would be particularly useful for the person.

If you follow the above prescriptions you are not likely to go wrong with your gift idea.

Porcelain Figurines Are an Excellent Gift Idea

To support the suggestions above, let us look at porcelain figurines as a gift idea.

  • Porcelain is clay that could be shaped into desired shapes by expert hands. This makes it possible to select a figurine that is in line with a recipientís interests, or that is consistent with the spirit of the occasion. For example, for Christmas, you could select a farm animal that was part of the Nativity scene.

  • Porcelain figurines are shaped by hand, and could also be painted by hand. This makes each item a little unique. If you select a hand painted porcelain figurine, exact duplication of gifts is very unlikely to occur.

  • Firing it at over 1000 degrees Celsius in a kiln is the final process in porcelain making. This not only makes the shape permanent but also gives the figurine an impermeable, non-stainable finish. The figurine retains its NEW look. All you might need to do is to wipe it once in a while to remove any dust. The figurine remains attractive during its lifetime.

  • Porcelain figurines are excellent collectibles. They come in all kinds of shapes and themes. There are thousands of shapes, like babies, children, fairytale characters, bears, foxes, eagles, hummingbirds, ladybugs, Nativity, music instruments, beaches, golf courses, cars, bikes, books, and so on.

  • You could select one that is ideally suited to the occasion.

  • With its classy finish, delicate miniature paintings, stain-free durability and pleasing appearance, you are clearly telling the recipient that you value the person.

Few articles could be as versatile as porcelain figurines as a gift idea. You could even make them utilitarian, by going for, say, a jewel or trinket box shaped in one the above forms.

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