What Makes Hoodia The Top Appetite Suppressor Around?

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Although Hoodia Gordonii has been around for quite some time, it is only recently that its involvement in weight loss has at last been recognised. It is no exaggeration, Hoodia is an extremely good appetite suppressant. And despite the majority of appetite suppressants that contain chemicals, Hoodia is totally natural. Hoodia is a plant a lot like a Cactus in its appearance and is generally found residing in the southern region of Africa. Its appetite suppressant properties are all thanks to an molecule referred to as P57. You should bear in mind that it is not so much a fat burner as a suppressant. Its main use is to suppress your appetite, not to eradicate excess fat or increase the metabolic rate.

Hoodia works by hoodwinking the brain into sending the signals of fullness, even if you are hungry. For this reason you will devour a lesser amount of food and therefore; lose weight. If you are able to regularly eat a healthy, nutritious and well balanced low fat diet, then this product will be very effective for you. But do not make the error of using Hoodia to avoid eating full stop. As if you suddenly decrease your food intake very radically out of nowhere, your body will think it is being starved and the metabolism slows down further. Moreover what you do eat gets stored in the form of fat instead of getting properly used, and eventually you have a tendency to gain more weight.

Along with the capability to suppress your appetite sufficiently, Hoodia has also been found to be 10,000 times stronger and more effective than Glucose as an appetite suppressant. It reduces your food consumption by nearly 50% and hence helps you in halving the calorie intake by 2,000 calories. It also decreases the food craving and also quells the hunger. Hence, Hoodia is also known as the strongest appetite suppressant. Taking Hoodia an hour before meals is very beneficial. It may also be wise to take Hoodia during those times that you usually gorge on junk food.

Due to Hoodia being so popular, as one of the most excellent appetite suppressants, there are many companies, who have joined the Hoodia bandwagon to take advantage of its popularity. Hoodia is to be had in an assortment of forms like capsules and patches and can even be found in some teas, chocolates and coffees. Only the central part of the Hoodia Plant is taken and blended with many other components to produce many varieties of the product.

But proceed with caution
About 80% of the Hoodia supplements that remain in the market are fake. Many of the companies are using second-rate ingredients to make the supplement, and hence, corrupting the efficacy of the original product. To experience effective appetite suppression, it is recommended to take at the bare minimum 2250mg to 3000mg of the Hoodia supplement frequently, but many manufacturers put only a tiny amount of Hoodia in their products.
So the next time you are considering trying a Hoodia weight loss supplement, pay attention to the advice, do some homework and buy only legitimate products.

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