What Makes Carbon Copy Pro a Legitimate Home Based Business

By: BrianKrysti Horwitz

There are lots of people out there asking is Cabon Copy Pro considered a legitimate home business or does is qualify as a scam? This short article is here to clear up any questions about the company and to expose the true colors of this Internet marketing training company and turn-key business system. The company was co-founded by two business savy entrepreneurs, Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. The product was officially launched, the "Business In A Box" or just "BiB" for short was back in July of 2008. The "Business In A Box" is a comprehensive package that includes all of the tools and the step-by-step action plan to start marketing effectivley on the internet. There are numerous Internet marketing tactics taught by Carbon Copy Pro when you purchase the Business In A Box, including Search Engine Optimzation, Social Media, Google Pay Per Click, Video Marketing and much more. Unique to the Carbon Copy Pro community are the weekly live calls hosted by different experts in various areas of marketing to teach the latest strategies. Carbon Copy Pro archives all of their training calls and also offers multiple live training calls every week to keep their community connected with the most advanced techniques and strategies on the web. I have not seen this high level of training offered by an of the other internet marketing training programs avaliable now. Carbon Copy Pro has done a great job of pooling multiple resources into one simple place for the community to take advantage of. This saves the "new" internet marketer a ton of time that they would have had to spend trying to access the "right" information out on the web. Digging up that informationis already done for you. The last thing you are responsible for is actually attending the training calls and taking the action laid out for you.

To compliment the training calls, the Carbon Copy Pro system also offers tools in each members back office that can be utilized within hours. The system is as turn-key as you can get. There are professionally written autoresponders, there are dozens of landing pages that you can modifiy, customize or keep the same. There is a professional call center standing by to call on all of your applicants that come through your marketing system or "funnel." I have to say this is genius, simply becuase calling on prospects is such a challenge for most people and to have an experinced marketer that understands the system inside and out calling on your behalf is one of the most powerful aspects of this system. In addition, members have countless tutorials (calls and videos), customer support through the use of support tickets, live support via internet chat and an 800 number if you need to talk to someone one directly. I think Carbon Copy Pro did a pretty good job of covering all the bases.

Another important factor that further supports Carbon Copy Pro as being a legitimate home based business opportunity is that it has the approval of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This factor alone will hands down put down any arguments about CCPro being a scam. Usually the people that are claiming that Carbon Copy Pro is a scam are marketers who are trying to promote their own business. But that's the reality of the Internet marketing game right there, so consider yourself warned. In fact, the more you research the company on the Internet, the more you're going to notice that most everything you read is positive about Carbon Copy Pro. That's hard to say for many other companies out there.

Seeing that Carbon Copy Pro "checks out" as a legitimate home based business the next question is of course about earning commissions and making money. How do Carbon Copy Pro members earn income? Well, the marketing plan is explained and laid out for any and all new members. The techniques members use to market with are based on a marketing budget. From that point the commissions are earned off of personal sales of both the Carbon Copy Pro product, the BiB along with sales of the direct sales company that Carbon Copy Pro is partnered with. Any student in the Carbon Copy Pro system has the option of promoting their current business or partnering with the top tier direct sales company offered by Carbon Copy Pro. Either way, the company has a track record for success and teaching people exactly how to market the right way, online.

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