What Makes A Good Office Chair?

By: Thomas Joanes

I've been through quit a number of chairs over the years, as I ,usually am working very long hours at my desk, so comfort is critical for me and I'm sure you too. The comfort of my office has a lot to do with the comfort of my stool that I have to sit on all day.

Since we sell office chairs, I am habitually asked by my clients about office chair designs and what posture is the best for sitting when working an entire day in a chair.

Some of these individuals have been given very good quality high end leather custom made seats at their work and are wondering if there is really any discrepancy between it and your standard ergo chair. Some people complain about the shape of some guest or greeting lounge chairs at some work places, these persons often find themselves uncomfortable with having only sat for only a brief stretch.

It is definitely true that some chairs can feel a lot more comfortable than others. Some chairs make it a easy to maintain a improved upright posture, while others can stand between you and good ergonomics.

You need to keep in mind however, that it is our better part that sits in a chairs, and in order to upgrade on our own comfort , our interest should be focused on increasing our comfort and what we do with our body when we sit down.

So what advice can I give concerning posture and the prevailing office chair? First, I would advocate very simple, basic style designs with fairly level and firm seat bottom and with backs to not force your torso into any specific shape.

I would also suggest good back support and a decent tilt system for proper reclining and movement while moving throughout the tasks of your day. But, you need to bear in mind that you cannot look to your chair as the crucial solution to poor posture. Itís your posture that needs to discover how to change itself and find that comfort zone.

So a good office seat can mean different things to different individuals, some might feel better even on a traditional type seat vs. a fantasy mesh chair. Other people may never find real comfort while sitting, and esp. larger people, or persons with injuries or illnesses, for them this can all lead to increased tiredness, tenderness and pain and discomfort, while sitting and working all day.

One of the most significant things to seek out in a good chair is the padding, this is something that the second-rate office chairs you often find at the nationwide stores are lacking in, the lower quality chairs are made with foam that might feel good when you try out the chair out in the shop but it quickly starts to breakdown and compress and lose it's memory and after a maybe only a few weeks it feels like you're sitting on a chair with no padding once the padding becomes broken down.

The second most critical thing to look for in good quality office chairs is the seat mechanical workings, you want to check the chair is fully adjustable, a good chair will have about 5 to 8 adjustments, where a nothing out of the ordinary low quality chair will have at best 3-4. Having those bonus adjustments is very important to get an best working position. A quality office seat will adjust up and down, you'll also have seat slope, back tilt, seat slide in and out away from the back, and the back can be fine-tuned up and down. Some chairs have further adjustments, i.e like headrest adjustment and or armrest height and width adjustments. Usually the more adjustments the more comfortable you'll be, but none of that matters if the foam is inferior and breaks down and becomes unpleasant to sit on only after a couple weeks of use.

Another feature to contemplate about is that most office chairs are rated for the amount of daily hours is planned for, more often than not the higher the hours rating the more stable and quality the chair is ,but not always as everyone fits on a chair differently, you have to consider your own size. Speaking of chair size, various chairs esp. the quality chairs, will occasionally come with assorted size seat bottoms, small, medium and large seats. If you find that a large amount office chairs are either excessively small or too large then perhaps a specially sized chair would be best for you.

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