What Kind Of Parent Are You?

By: Hege Crowton

In today’s society children seem to be getting in trouble at a very early age. This kind of trouble is not just kids playing pranks, these are serious criminal offences. Children, not even teenagers yet, are becoming murderers and the increase in children committing violent crimes as well as being charges with drug related crimes, are just frightening. What is going on here and where are the parents?

Now, wait a minute, all of the parents of these children can not possibly be bad parents or can they? Of course, as a parent you have the main responsibility in raising your child and teaching them right from wrong and most of you probably do this to the best of your ability. No parent want to see bad happen to their child and it would therefore be natural to try and teach them the right way of doing things. All of you can probably agree to this but what is it then that is sending the children astray?

To find the answer to this perhaps you should start by looking at how your parents raised you and their parents them. What is different from them to you and what can you do about it? In all honesty there probably is not much you can do about it because if you look at society today compared to back then, it is two completely different worlds. Back then it seemed like there was a certain limit as to what society would accept when it came to moral while today anything goes.

All time periods seem to have a certain trend which influences the generation of that time. For example; the 60s had its flower children and was all about sex, drugs and rock’n roll. You all know this thing was not necessarily good for you but even though it was all about these “bad” things there was also something good that came along with it, love and peace. Through all the trends of the past generations there has always been about both good and bad. It is not like that for today’s generation.

The hottest thing among today’s youth is the inner city rap culture. Now, don’t get this all wrong because there is rap out there which does promote good but unfortunately that is not the part that appeals to the young people. What they hear is how cool the brother hood of the gangs are and about taking revenge. Guns and drugs are also becoming a part of children’s everyday life and it has actually become so prevalent that there is not much you as a parent can do in order for your child not to encounter these things.

What would your parents have done if you did something unacceptable? They would probably have given you some sort of discipline, right? Well that was back then because today, as you probably know there are very strict laws as far as what you can do when it comes to disciplining your child. It does not take very much before discipline is considered child abuse which is does not help the parents much when it comes to keeping their children under control. Children are great manipulators and they know to use this against their parents.

There are so many laws and restrictions out there put in by law makers to prevent children from being harmed. You need to ask yourself if these laws are really in the children’s best interest or are governments really helping you raise a generation out of control. It sure seems like all the people in generations before us have turned out ok with the amount of discipline they got. They most certainly grew up with both respect and courtesy for others, something which is rare to see in today’s youth.

So for the question; what kind of parent are you? If you feel you are doing the best you can then you probably are and don’t feel bad because there are things you feel you could have done different if only,,,,. There are way to many obstacles in the way for a parent who have difficulties with a child who only need to be put back in his place with the help of discipline from his/her parents. You as a parent no longer have any rights when it comes to raising your child as you see fit, all the rights have been given to the children.

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