What Is Your Network Marketing Mindset Doing To Your Business?

By: Bob B Howard

I have been doing multi level marketing off and on for in excess of 15 years. around 8 months ago I got back into the business. I spent a number of months trying to grow my business the way that my upline trained me but just was not very lucrative with it. Well I guess that is an understatement. I never signed up a single person. I then discovered an online marketing system that in actual fact changed my complete way of thinking. Now the marketing system is magnificent but that is not what I want to talk about. What I did not anticipate was that my prime barrier to accomplishment was my own mindset.

Part of this marketing system is education and teamwork. In that teamwork and schooling I came to appreciate that I was my own worst enemy. As I became more educated about marketing and the psychology of marketing, the psychology of asking and the art of closing, I realized that I was sabotaging my own effort. Wow what a shocker that was to learn. Well as I have changed the way I think, there is one strategic thing I learned that I felt others could realize so they did not go through the same struggles I have.

Negative thinking will only get you no's and appeal to negative philosophy people. Positive thinking will get you what you focus on and draw positive people. I have read so many books on this and listened to so many CD's that it began to infuse into my head what the power of positive thinking was all about. I am not a psychologist that can tell you how all this works but what I can say that I at long last got it. I lastly realized what so many had been saying. What you don't appreciate is how we have all been programmed for years by the educational system, through TV, radio and the news. We are a negative thinking civilization. You have to reprogram your mind from years of flawed thinking. It is just not an simple task and for some may takes years to attain.

When I look back I am not sure why it took me thousands of dollars of coaching, books and CD's to completely get it. I also will not tell you that I am always positive but I have made huge strides in altering my mindset which is growing my wallet each day. If you have a negative mindset you are most likely only holding yourself back. Don't do that to yourself. Make up your mind right now that you will change and start immediately. What your mindset is doing to your business will amaze you and perhaps not in the way you once thought.

If this is you then let me suggest a few things that may get you started down the right path. A book by Echart Tolle titled "The Power of Now". A book by Bruce Lipton titled "The Biology of Belief". I also very much recommend Jeffery Combs and Cedrick Harris both of whom I hired as coaches in my walk to comprehension of this about myself.

Please let me know what you think about this content. I welcome all comments. I hope that it helps you to be able to attain what you want out of your business

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