What Is True Friendship to You

By: Sylvia

once upon a time in the Arab. Two friends travelled in the desert. One day, they had an argument. One even gave a slap in the face of another. The person who was slapped felt humiliated to be hit. He said nothing but wrote in the sand: "Today my best friend hit me a slap." Then they continued to move forward. They went all the way to the fertile fields, and they decided to stop and had a rest. The man who was slapped before was thirsty, and went to the river water. He accidentally slid into the water and nearly drowned, but fortunately his friend arrived and saved him up. After being rescued, he took a small sword on a stone: "Today my best friend saved my life." The curious friend by his side asked him: Why did you write in the sand after I hit you, while now carved in stone? With another smile, he replied: When a friend hurts us, write in a place where you are easy forget and where the wind will be responsible to erase it; if on the contrary you are helped by a friend, we should engrave it in the depths of our hearts, where no wind can erase it. Mutual friends are often unintentional to injury but it is true that they are willing to help you. So, forget those unintentional injuries; remember who you truly want to help, you will find that you've got a lot of true friends ......

A true friend should tell the truth, no matter how sharp words he will say.
- (former Soviet) Ostrovsky Friendship based on mutual respect is the noble good friendship. It has deep sympathy for others achievements but not malicious envy others. of their foster is a sense of collective interests above all else.
-(Former Soviet) Ostrovsky The true friend will, when you succeed, be happy for you, but not be sure to join. Misfortune or sorrow in your time, he will give you timely support and encouragement. When you make mistakes or when you are defective, he will give you the criticize and help.
- (Former Soviet) Golgi Life is inseparable from the friendship, but friendship is sure to be really difficult; friendship need loyalty to sow, need the passion to irrigate, it also use the principles to develop, need the understanding that to care.

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