What Is The Most Powerful Drug You Can Take?

By: Connie Limon

How would you like to take a drug with no side effects that would give you an appropriate balance of "good" and "bad" eicosanoids? First of all you might say what the heck is eicosanoids? I am going to try and explain a little to you about eicosanoids in this article and other articles to come. But for now I will talk just a little bit about this drug we can take without any fancy prescription from your doctor or extra bill to pay your doctor. And something we have all been taught probably all our lives. The drug I am referring to is simply "the food you eat."

There is a formula, however, you must follow. This formula will give you the appropriate balance of "good" and "bad" eicosanoids. This formula will maintain a balance in your body that will allow you to perform at your very best both mentally and physically.

Eicosanoids play an integral role in your health and control virtually every function in the human body. Eicosanoids are hormones and are the most powerful hormones in your body. You do need a balance of "good" and "bad" eicosanoids for optimal health. It is no different than talking about good and bad cholesterol levels. You should realize, however, that eicosanoids are even more important than cholesterol in terms of their impact on your overall health. Most chronic diseases stem from an "imbalance" of eicosanoids, not the fact that you have "bad" and "good" eicosanoids. Imbalance of these hormones is what we need to correct to direct our bodies toward optimal health. And we truly do not need a excellent understanding about these hormones, or how they exist in the body, etc. We only need to know there is a drug we can take daily that will contribute to the production of both the good and the bad eicosanoids we need in our journey toward optimal health and to remain healthy. That drug is simply the food you eat, plus high doses of a pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil."

You need to balance out your fats, carbohydrates and protein at each meal and take high doses of a pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil. At each meal try placing just enough protein in your plate that covers the palm of your hand and equals the thickness of your hand. Then fill the rest of your plate with fruits and vegetables. I recommend using the Fish Oil distributed by ZoneNet Distributors. Do not take high doses of Fish Oil you can purchase in the department stores, it might just make you ill. You need a Fish Oil that has all the contaminants taken out of it, which is exactly what has been done with the OmegaRx Fish Oil distributed by ZoneNet. Work with your private physician to get right dosage of Fish Oil for you. The rest is totally up to you in balancing out your proteins, carbohydrates and fat at every meal. You should feed your body something nutritious every 5 hours. Refuel every 5 hours, except during sleep time of course. I told someone this formula just recently and the first thing they asked me was: "Well what about when a person has to sleep?" I thought, da........you need to sleep at least 7 hours every 24 hour period. And during that time, don't try to eat anything please....

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