What Is The First Step to Finally Have Online MLM Success?

By: Matthew Strout

Looking back on how I started to build my business online, it is so clear to me why we had gotten it all wrong. Creating wealth on the internet was such a mystery, and it made no sense to me how there seemed to be so many people that made it look so EASY. I knew that there had to be a way to make it work, and there was.

Through the years of struggle it was almost humorous to discover the answer right before my eyes the whole time. I had heard Mike Dillard and listened to one of his videos a few years ago as I was doing some surfing of opportunities. As I listened to what he said, he was hitting the nail on the head point after point. I guess I just didn't feel I could really trust anyone at the time because I was once again frustrated by my current MLM.

Had I known then what I know now I would give myself a swift kick in the pants and tell me to pay attention. But something in me just snapped and I tuned him out and continued along my journey of frustration, after all, how could he be any different?

Long story short, I got over my doubts and fears and finally got my own copy of Magnetic Sponsoring. It was the beginning of an education that has carried me further than I ever thought possible.

All that is to say this. If I would have just gotten Magnetic Sponsoring at that time I would have shaved off a couple more years of frustration.

Okay, I am going to deliver on the #1 Concept that will change everything about how you look at your business and how you are trying to achieve that illusive success that brought you online in the first place. It was simply amazing to me that something so simple yet so illusive most will not catch it the first time they hear it.

I remember starting online and I was still under the impression that you need to get people in a corner and somehow force them to see what you have to offer. I remember it was still winter and We had just gotten involved in a company what looked so good that we had been willing to pay $3,000 to get in and everything looked perfect. The website was a killer, I mean with a powerful message, beautiful design and tons of training in the back office. I couldn't see any way for this to fail, so I set up the affiliate link and started.

My sponsors were making great money and said the easiest way to get going was with Adwords online, and then send everybody I came in contact with to the web page and we should make good money. I could feel it in my bones, hey I was in direct contact with successful people and I was doing what they said, this was my time!

But it didn't happen that way and I had to actually take responsibility for another failure and stop blaming upline or the company. I decided to buy Magnetic Sponsoring and watch Mike's 7Day Boot Camp series and the second time I did a couple of things dawned on me. The first thing I didn't understand was so simple that I couldn't have gotten it without having it pointed out to me.

It is simply this.

No one was looking for me!

I was depending on a company and a replicated site to make me look good. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had to be able to put myself in a position to be found by people looking for me, not my opportunity. Sure, it sounds simple, but how? KNOWLEDGE. I had to make myself valuable. If you will just start increasing your knowledge of internet marketing and start teaching it in your own particular fashion, potential clients will begin seeking you out again and again.

This is the first real nuts and bolts step that everybody who makes the real money online never skip over. I personally have found that the fastest way to implement this is to get plugged into the same systems and tools that the industry leaders are using. It really isn't tough. Don't be fooled...the top earners are constantly learning and increasing their value, you can do the same every day and have the Freedom and the Pay Check that few ever experience.

I wish you the best in your journey to Online MLM Success. There is much more to come, so feel free to peak ahead.

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The first step to online MLM success is the biggest step. It is a mindshift that will guarantee your financial future. You are welcome to see how Magnetic Sponsoring has changed other businesses from the inside out.

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