What Is The Alternative Herbal Product For Vaginal Dryness?

By: Aaric Hadden

Female dysfunction is a controversial topic and not many believe it to be a treatable condition. American Psychological Association (APA) has categorised it to be a mental disorder, where the women suffers from the loss of desire or diminished interest that leads to discomfort and poor secretion of fluids from the female genitalia, which causes inconvenience to both the partners. It is assumed that the problem is mostly caused by some trauma, abuse or pain related disinterest and the aversion to the process of lovemaking makes it difficult for the women to reach orgasm. The problem is not widely researched and women are hesitant to discuss it with their doctors, which make it difficult for them to identify the real causes and cure for it. Alternative herbal product for vaginal dryness offers cures for lubricating the organ in a natural way and it resolves many of the emotional and physical issues that cause dryness.

There are many women who never had satisfactory lovemaking experience or who say they can live without it, throughout their lives. Many women in partnership do not find it exciting at all. This can happen due to poor level of secretion of androgens in body. Women who have appropriate level of secretion of androgen feel energetic and they have the passion to get into the act. Vigorelle Gel is a herbal product for vaginal dryness which contains ingredients e.g. L-Arginine HCL, Vitamin A, C, B-Complex and E and herbs - Damiana leaf, Gingko biloba, Suma root, peppermint leaf, Motherwort, wild yam etc., that nourishes the organ to enhance lubrication.

1. The herb Suma root is a great herbal product for vaginal dryness that is commonly used for balancing the flow of estrogen and androgen in the body. The regular use of the herb regulates the secretion of these two very important chemicals in the body responsible for regulating desire, passion and libido in women. This component also helps in flow of fluid to the genitals for high lubrication and satisfaction.
2. Motherwort reduces emotional blocks and improves emotional condition as it is effective in reducing stress like condition. It is very effective in women who get anxious as they are approached by their partner.
3. Ginkgo biloba improves the blood flow to the genitals which happen as the blood vessels get dilated and allow blood in.
4. Wild yam restores power in the reproductive organs.
5. Damiana leaf is aphrodisiac and it increases libido.

The problem of dryness can happen to women of any age and it can be due to a range of lifestyle factors, genetic conditions or environmental factors. As more and more women face difficulties and feel discontentment in conjugal relation, the problem requires a dependable cure which can be provided by natural products.

Researchers have admitted that a minor change in estrogen level in female body can have great impact on the desire and participation in lovemaking, and the minor increase in level of estrogen or androgen can be brought by the use of herbs.

Alternative herbal product for vaginal dryness such as Vigorelle Gel can reduce the symptoms and side effects of dryness, and help women get more enjoyment in conjugal life.

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