What Is Seo Traffic

By: Mel Joelle

SEO traffic is the number of visitors or “hits” a website collects from the Search Engine Optimization techniques managed by a professional SEO company. The internet maintains its equilibrium between fact and fiction by a system of peer approval. Websites which searchers consider to have value and unique information are rewarded with being linked and passed on via social media. The growth process is gradual and “organic”. Sudden popularity of a new website sets embedded algorithms that act as police to protect the values system and limit damage from unreliable websites and sources.

Traffic is the ocean in which a website fishes for customers. The number of successful visits, the number of links that are made to the site, and several other growth factors move the website up the search results to the most desirable position at the top of the first page. Most computer screens show only half of the search results. Scrolling down to the rest, and especially going to the next page are becoming a thing of the past. Business information searchers instinctively know that the results they seek are at the top half, not in the “dead zone”. SEO's main mission is to get a client's website into the top half with all deliberate speed and with the cleanest of white hat methods.

One of the SEO techniques that works well to grow page rankings is blogging. Today blogs are peer professional communications tools and many use these to gain purchasing decision information. Skilled SEO bloggers will know which blogs a target audience uses, be able to compose well written and properly formatted posts and comments and move readers towards the clients website. Good grammar, spelling and sentence formation are essential to web credibility and PR growth. Social media is a rapidly expanding medium that allows members to share websites and information quickly, in a “viral” way that can result in legitimate quick growth. Good SEO companies have staff who know social media and keep up with new ones.

Traditional SEO traffic movers are the process of manually submitting websites to directories and creating articles that generate interest in the target audience and move them to review the website. Both are intended to produce links, the”currency” of the web. Each directory is administered by an editor who makes the decision to list a website using a set of protocols that are generally unique to that directory's character. There are specific steps to follow and often times a contact to the editor is a good step. There is software available that is capable of submitting websites to directories in mass transmissions but this can backfire due to algorithms in place. This type of strategy is doomed to failure and will cause a loss of investment in the website development because the internet considers this type of shortcut maneuver an ethical, “black hat”, technique. Manual submission, though obviously slower, is the best method and having an experienced professional SEO worker do this is the way to do it right.

Articles that are pertinent to the subject matter of the website and attractive to searchers are another traditional method of generating links and traffic. Articles are literature and only well written, done with in-depth research and utilizing proper grammar and spelling will attract serious interest and generate the traffic that leads to profit on the web.

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