What Is Mobile Advertising

By: Mel Joelle

Advertising and marketing are often used as synonyms by those outside of the internet marketing and advertising industry. This can be a source of confusion to business owners who are seeking either advertising or marketing solutions for their business, and don’t know which type of company to hire. The difference lies within the scope of the project for business promotion. Advertising is only one aspect of marketing: promoting a specific product, item, service etc with a call to action, solely to elicit a conversion/sale. Marketing regards the entire management of promotion, branding, and public relations for a business, to garner desired results – which may or may not be a conversion.

These differences between marketing and advertising also apply to the mobile web, and mobile advertising.

Advertising on Mobile Platforms

Advertising a business on the mobile web can be a very creative process. Because of so many different opportunities to reach potential customers and consumers through their hand held devices, the limitations of using mobile advertising for your business are really up to you. We’ve created a short overview of some of the common advertising methods and tools used on the mobile web and on mobile devices.

SMS (Text) Advertising

This is one of the most simple and affordable ways to advertise on mobile devices. Better yet, SMS advertising does not have to be strictly limited to smartphones, which is the case with many kinds of mobile advertising and marketing. Typically the way SMS advertisements are arranged is through customer opt-ins, or texts from the customer sent to the business in response to a call to action. The customer then receives regular text messages with various advertisements; whether a sale, a new product, service discount, limited supplies, etc.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social networks like Facebook offer a fantastic advantage: micro-targeted advertising. Because consumers essentially identify their own likes, dislikes, habits, buying habits etc through interaction on Facebook, advertising can be targeted with precision to the most relevant markets. Moms who are on Facebook will only see advertisements relevant to them, such as diaper ads, kids’ clothing sales, meal-planning, and other ads that are even more targeted than that. People who go to the gym frequently will see health and nutrition ads, film ads for people who have photography hobbies, DIY and various home tools are advertised to guys who do maintenance around the house.

Video Advertising

The advantage of posting an ad on Youtube is the creative possibility, the fact that all it takes is a click of a button to watch (no ad to read or click on) and it can be easily shared. Video ads from businesses and companies that attach social media buttons to them give themselves an extra advantage, by inviting customers to “like” their ad on FB, Twitter, and so forth. Mobile websites and video ads are shared by users through social media on pretty much a 24/7 basis. It can create a huge boost in sales when you let your audience do some of the advertising for you.

Software Application

While software applications can only be used by smartphone users, and they may be somewhat costly to have developed, they present a big advantage: they are a permanent part of the user’s mobile device interface and contents. When a smartphone user downloads an app from a particular business or company, they are much more likely to continue to make purchases, use services or access those websites, because the app allows them a quicker, faster, more personalized experience, with a simple touch of a button. Because of this, software applications can accomplish customer retention for a business with more efficiency than almost any other strategy or method.

There are plenty of other advertising methods that can be used on the mobile web, and a business does not have to limit itself to just one or two. Mobile advertising may sound like a big step for a business, but once you take a closer look, you’ll see that in many ways it is more simplified – and yet can still product optimum results.

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