What Is Called The Fat One? Answer: - The Spanish El Gordo Lotto

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In Spain, lotto participation is very common and as is the nature of a lot of E U countries, lotto is a way of life. It is traditional for residents to take part regularly and certainly "La Primitiva," (Frequently called - el gordo de la primitiva) the state-run competition is a major center of attention twice a week.
This lottery is the grandfather of them all, nonetheless, El Gordo - also well-known as the Christmas "fat one" is too awesome to grasp. This is the most common drawing of the year by a long way and sees the commencement of the festive season in no uncertain terms. It's supposed that King Carlos the third brought in this contest back in 1763, as he wished his people to have a better way of life.
According to several sources, this el gordo primitiva Christmas lotto is the largest on the planet with a total prize payout somewhere near 2 billion Euros, with an enormous 1st prize which, because of the nature of the competition, is automatically shared amongst all various identical winning lotto tickets. So many people want to play the El Gordo lottery, that it is reckoned to be as much as 97 percent of the entire population, which the actual set of lotto numbers is sold multiple times. You can purchase an entire ticket for 200 Euros as a "billette", or a 10th of a ticket, otherwise known as "decimos."
El Gordo stands apart from virtually all other lotteries on the planet, as lots of participants of the gordo loteria do not bet for the rest of the year. Therefore, it may be seen as a significant custom, rather than just a lottery contest.
Tradition is just about everything with the El Gordo lotto, as the lottery draw is administered in an identical every year. Students at the San Ildefenso School always draw the numbers and the prizes; and then sing the winning numbers to the public. Particular attention is paid to this extravaganza by the state television and radio; on the morning of December 22 each year at about three hours before the drawing itself takes place. There are an enormous number of prizes and the drawing procedure is quite technical. Traditionally, winners frequently donate some of the winnings to the school children.
The El Gordo lottery is particularly popular as there is a significant opportunity of acquiring something. It must be remembered though that the actual occasion itself is famed as the Christmas lottery, whereas the title of El Gordo is held for the actual 1st prize itself. As the potential rewards are so high, it's usual for people to get together to raise their chances of winning, and these El Gordo syndicate groups are another way of celebrating tradition at this joyful time of year by bringing acquaintances and colleagues together.
The El Gordo lottery should not be mixed up with the weekly draw that is also controlled by the Spanish governing body and otherwise best-known as the La Primitiva or primitiva el gordo. The same title is often used to refer to both, though passionate Spanish people are aware of the difference between them. As is popular in state lotteries, profits are exempt from any tax revenue.

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