What Is Brainwave Entrainment?

By: Gregory Frost

Brainwave entrainment is actually called brainwave synchronization is called that very thing because of the fact that persons using engineered technology to ensure that the brainwaves in the mind are forced to fall into step with a stimulus that is both periodical and consistent. One of the earlier functions of this technology was to actually help to induce sleep in a person that has insomnia.  Brainwave entrainment uses the technology to make the wave patterns in the brain fall into step with the specific wave patterns that helps to induce sleep in a person. This is really dependent on the frequency following effect that is done in the cortical of the mind.
The two popular stimuli that are often used to create this effect are either auditory or visual, which has the power to change the dominant EEG frequencies in the brain. In a sense, the technology is done to help to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, in a specific frequency that is known to produce an effect that has the desired outcome of a better performance in a particular part of the brain. The function can be fully achieved when there is a frequency disparity between the two ears introduced that is well without the range of the human ear to actually hear, but well within the faculties of the cortical in the brain to pick up and respond to.
For example, if a 10 HZ signal is desired to be achieved, then a 330 and 340 HZ signal would be introduced on either side of the brain, ensuring that a 10HZ disparity is there for the cortical to have a frequency following effect. These engineered sounds are called binaural beats and they are the audio signals that are introduced into the ears. The frequency that the cortical will respond to is often known to be subsonic, because of the fact that it needs to have an unhindered penetration into the cortical of the mind. If the human ear was to hear the engineered frequency, then there would be an interruption in the whole brainwave entrainment programme.
Brainwave entrainment is something that has been researched heavily by the personal development industry and science in general because of the effects that it has on the personal development in the individual. You can have much greater mental acuity and mental clarity, as well as the ability to learn much better and faster. You can also have the ability to learn a new language, be more creative and be much, much more sensitive to specific subjects.
You can pick up plenty of these kinds of programmes online and the good thing is that they are available pretty easily. But of course, you need to be able to research a little on the product that you are going to buy. Use the feedback system of the internet to do so, and look at the things people have said about the product as well. Once you have that, you are then able to gain personal development and better yourself as a person.

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