What Is A Stun Gun And What Does It Do?

By: Denise Biance

A girl is attacked each 3 minutes. How will we tend to as girls stop this or prevent this from happening? Crime is on the rise and we tend to do not believe this will stop anytime in the close to future. However, prevention is key. We don't mean that you must keep in the house, lock the doors and never come back out. We tend to mean take precautions, perpetually bear in mind of your surroundings and carry some quite self-defense product. We have a tendency to hate to admit it however most men are physically stronger than women. Lets speak about carrying a stun gun. A stun gun may be a non-lethal self-defense product used by innumerable folks today.
A stun gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to prevent an attacker. Touching a person with the prongs of the stun gun quickly immobilizes the attacker. But, because the amperage is terribly low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted.
The stun gun is intended to key into the nervous system. It dumps its energy into the muscles at a high pulse frequency that produces the muscles work terribly rapidly, however not efficiently. This rapid work cycle depletes blood sugar by changing it to lactic acid all in simply seconds. The resulting energy loss makes it troublesome to maneuver and function. At the identical time, the little neurological impulses that travel throughout the body to direct muscle movement are interrupted. This causes disorientation and loss of balance and leaves the attacker in a passive and confused condition for many minutes. Still, there's no important result on the center or other vital organs.
As a general rule, a one-half second contact can repel and startle the attacker, producing some pain and muscle contraction. One to 2 seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. Over 3 seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation. You've got to appreciate that 3 seconds is sort of a while when in a very physical struggle. Every person is completely different and will react differently to the results of a stun gun. What might place one person down in 3 seconds might take five seconds on another person.
The electrical shock that emits from the unit can not pass from the person being stunned to the person doing the stunning. The impact is localized only in the affected space and does not tolerate the body. Even if you or the attacker is wet or standing in water, you will not get shocked. Stun Guns are non-lethal self-defense products.

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