What Is A "Replicatable MLM Marketing System"? It's Not What You Think

By: WarrenSmithMT

By now you've heard about them... replicatable online network marketing biz marketing system. But other than a basic overview, do you really know what they are?

So, what is an online MLM marketing system, and how is it replicatable?

They vary depending on the company, and to keep the nature of this post generic, I won't mention company/system names. However, I provide some of the affiliate companies -who provide tools within the systems- that are needed so you can understand and research what is required prior to starting with such a marketing company.

Generally speaking, a mlm marketing system is something that anyone can implement to market their company online... Any networking company from A-to-Z can be marketed.

The marketing systems available are a accumulation of tools that you can use to generate leads and capture them.

A lead generation system requires the use of capture pages, in which videos, written content or both present your product or your service to the prospect. Somewhere on the introduction page are capture boxes that, when the prospect fills out, provides you with their name, e-mail and often phone number. Also this gets them into the sales funnel after which an automated e-mail campaign begins. (Aweber and Getreponse are two autorepsonders to look at).

Your system does not promote any specific MLM, however you can use key words to target any MLM you wish to advertise to.

The product you are marketing is yourself. The people you are marketing to are already looking at joining a networking business or searching for a way to market their existing biz.

In order to maximally leverage these tools, a web presence must be created in the form of a domain name through somebody like GoDaddy or HostGator. Your domain name is then forwarded to your capture pages so you can name brand yourself.

Those are the basic tools to creating a replicatible system.

But, it's not just the tools.

It's definitely not the content.

So, what is it?

Because everyone is an individual and has distinctly different experience, knowledge and ability, a replicatable marketing system requires more than just tools.

I can't write like Mike Dillard. I can't work my MLM full time like Mark Weiser. I don't understand the internet like Brian Fanale. My SEO knowledge is miniscule compared to Raymond and Ferny.

So, I obviously don't have the skill or knowledge base to duplicate exactly what they are doing. Can I acquire that knowledge? Sure...but it's going to take me a long time.
Don't worry if that description just described you too. A marketing system still work for you.

Duplicating a system is individual based - discovering and using the strengths of that unique person. And it involves more than just online marketing.

If you were to compile thousands of leads, but didn't call any of them, there would be no relationship to foster future business interactions.

Using a group of tools ina marketing system is simple. Building leaders out of your reps whereby they can utilize their strong attributes at shaping more leaders in their own organizations... that's the key to duplication!

An organization is only as strong as it's leadership - regardless of the type of business structure.

There are plenty of marketing systems out there that can build your mlm..

Be sure you're getting a dulicatable system where you will learn how to lead effectively.

Warren Smith
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Warren Smith is the founder of Get Ahead In Life Marketing Group. You can access his personal blog for more attraction marketing information at warrensmlmbuilder.com

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