What Happens If You Don’t Moisturize?

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With all the advice and information floating around about ways to treat your skin properly and ways to maintain a youthful complexion forever, it can be overwhelming trying to decipher which advice is worth taking and what should be forgotten immediately. In the onslaught of information, the easiest choice is sometimes to continue doing absolutely nothing when it comes to your skincare. But when you suffer from an extremely dry epidermis, allowing it to remain dry and tight long-term can cause damage. What happens if a parched complexion is not tended to?

It looks patchy and dull.
Skin that isn’t well cared-for has an appearance of looking dry, tired and dull. When it gets into the throes of extreme dryness, it can even begin to look kind of patchy and itchy. You need to apply dry skin remedies such as moisturizers or a hydrating topical gel to keep your complexion looking healthy and natural. The best moisturizer for dry skin will hydrate deeply and absorb fairly quickly, so the complexion looks refreshed without feeling greasy or drying out again.

It is more prone to wrinkling.
Dehydrated complexions aren’t able to regenerate collagen or cells as easily as hydrated ones can, and without these processes, wrinkles occur much more easily. Use the best moisturizer for dry skin that you can to prevent yourself from looking older than you are.

Fine lines appear deeper.
They’re also more difficult to get rid of if left unattended. Because moisturizers hydrate and firm, a moisturizing topical gel or cream will cause fine lines to appear filled-in. Lacking this moisture, lines look dry and creases appear deep, giving the illusion that you’re older and more tired than you are.

It can cause breakouts.
When skin is balanced and healthy, it is blemish-free. But if yours is excessively thirsty, it will try to make up for the lack of hydration by producing oil, which can cause acne. At that point, you must figure out how to treat adult acne that springs up, which can be way more complicated than simply hydrating the complexion you’ve already got. If your skin is naturally acne-prone even when it’s not dry, the solution may be as easy as a moisturizer for acne prone skin, which is meant for healing acne and hydrating without adding excess oil.

It cracks and bleeds.
In locations that come in frequent contact with the elements, extremely dry skin can begin to harden, crack and bleed; this is especially noticeable on the hands and feet. It can be harder and more painful to apply dry skin remedies once the skin is broken. If you notice you are starting to veer into dry territory, slap on a thick, hydrating lotion.

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