What Features Age You Fastest?

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When it comes to aging gracefully, you know that taking care of your skin now means you’ll look way younger than your age in a few years. But if you’re only focusing on your face, you may not notice your other features aging until prevention is impossible. What features should you be aware of as your body ages, and what can you do to disguise the signs of aging?

Your neck is often the most obvious sign of aging. As your skin on your body becomes thinner and loses its collagen, it begins to appear saggy. This is when many people begin to experience “chicken neck.” To prevent your neck from looking older than the rest of your body, apply an anti wrinkle skin cream and any other anti aging skin care products that you use all along your neck, including up under your chin, down to your chest and around the back and sides of your throat.

For your entire life, your hands stay busy — they perform difficult tasks, they carry around children, they get dirty — and they take care of your entire anti-aging beauty routine. So why shouldn’t your hands receive the same pampering as your facial skin? Protect your hands by applying a thick hand cream or lotion before bed, and any other time the skin feels parched. This will keep the hands soft and supple, and will encourage firm skin and collagen regeneration.

Teeth and Lips
Thinner facial skin means more fine lines popping up, and none are so obvious as the lines that appear around your lips. These lines can cause your lipstick to bleed, which takes away from your beautiful smile. Apply anti wrinkle products around your lips (just ensure they’re safe for use around your mouth first!) and use a moisturizing lip balm to keep the skin on your lips hydrated and full to hide any lines. While you’re working on your kisser, you may choose to use an over-the-counter whitening product to keep your teeth sparkling.

Smiling and laughing may make you feel younger, but unfortunately it does a number around your eyes. You should begin using an eye wrinkle cream well before you first notice crow’s feet or laugh lines, and continue using an anti wrinkle eye cream every night before bed even after they appear. These creams help to reduce the appearance of lines, and make your eyes look younger by moisturizing the skin and “filling in” the lines.

Graying hair or a dated hairstyle can make you appear older than you are, even if your skin still appears perfect. If you choose to embrace your new silvery color, choose a hairstyle that looks modern to keep from looking overly mature. You also have many options for covering gray and styling your hair in a more youthful, but still grown-up, manner.

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