What Experts say about the Various Types of Stretch Marks Treatment

By: Abagail McKenzee

Removing stretch marks is tricky. Most experts agree that the best way to treat them is by preventing them. However, there are other solutions which deal with skin that has already been affected by this type of scar tissue like laser surgery and make-up.

Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks

Experts turn to two types of laser surgery when dealing with stretch mark treatment. The first, pulsed-dye laser surgery, works best with new or red stretch marks. The second option is fractional laser treatment for older stretch marks that have already lost their color.

Pulsed-dye surgery helps control the redness and inflammation that is inherent to new stretch marks. It can also help with the collagen and elastin production, which will obviously improve the look and feel of the skin. Once the stretch marks have turned white, this type of treatment has a minimal effect.

White stretch marks, according to several experts, respond better to fractional laser treatments. In this case, small parts of the stretch marks are zapped with by a laser inducing the construction of new epithelial cells and collagen. It has been reported that this type of treatment for stretch marks also improves the look of the skin as well as the mature, white stretch marks.

Cosmetic Alternatives for Stretch Marks

Make-up can be used to cover up stretch marks, making them less noticeable. However, it is sometimes complicated to reach certain parts of your body without help. Also, the make-up can dye your clothes.

The best option seems to be self tanning lotions or spray-on tans. They both offer even coverage and help you avoid harmful UV rays. Sun tanning is probably the worst thing you can do because a suntan will either irritate your existing stretch marks or not tan them at all. Preventing Stretch Marks

Prevention is still the main solution for stretch marks. By keeping your skin moisturized with natural skin care lotions, for example, you can help your skin to handle the stretching of your body. Also remember, stretch marks are hereditary.

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