What Exactly Is Anxiety?

By: Ian Spencer

We have talked such a lot about anxiety, its causes, and its triggers. However, do you know how it feels to be suffering from anxiety? Do you know what the symptoms you should watch out for are? An anxiety attacks often feels like a heart attack. You experience chest pain, shortness of breathing, head reeling and heart palpitations. You will also find that your mouth is dry, palms and feet are ice cold and often your hair stands up on end. The symptoms are severe and scary enough to motivate you to rush to the hospital; in most cases people think they are having a heart attack.

It is important to note here that anxiety is the direct outcome of negative stress, which is manifested from your inability to cope with the various demands in your life. There is a feeling of loosing control initially, which gradually gives way to a terrible fear of the unknown. You would be always asking in your mind, ‘Oh my God, what next?’ Unfortunately, the transition is very gradual and unless you are well aware of what you should look out for, you would be tempted like million others to ignore such feelings as “normal” in the present circumstance or phase of life.

Keep mind one very important rule as we are talking about stress and anxiety; and this rule applies to a lot more than only stress-induced problems. You are number 1 in your life. You need to feel good and happy about your life, your environment, your choice of life-style. If you are not, then you need to change and keep changing until you find something that makes you happy.

Most people ignore this fact on the pretext that they have no choice – family, parents, education, job, fate to name a few. Please, stop right now and internalize this: you have a choice and that choice is to be happy.  Nobody else but you can help you achieve this goal and the sooner you get rid of all pretexts the better. When you find that something that gives you utmost pleasure to do, you have found the best way to neutralize negative stress. The immediate result is that you would be healthy and never have to worry about anxiety or anxiety attacks ever.


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