What Every Parent Should Know When Hiring A Nanny

By: Joseph B Moore

Prior to hiring a nanny, there is one important thing that every parent should know and think about – the nanny contract. A nanny contract is an employment agreement between the nanny and the parent's children. Many issues need to be addressed when preparing the contract. This helps to avoid any problems in days to come. In addition the nanny has time to decide whether she will work under the set conditions. If she is not comfortable she may decline the job opportunity.

• For a start, the basis of the nanny's contract should be established. This includes the vacation and sticky pay, hours of work and the nanny's job duties and responsibilities. When hiring a nanny it is important that you discuss if they have planned future holidays. It is also essential to determine how much notice will be given in the nanny is not able to work due to an illness and how much the parents notice will give before ending a contract. This creates a good working relationship since everyone has to consider the other when making any arrangements or making any drastic decisions.

• Another factor to consider is the pricing of hiring a nanny. A parent needs to investigate and find out how much a nanny cost on average in their state. The parents need to also find out how frequently a nanny should be paid and the amount to paid for working overtime. In many regions a nanny is supposed to be paid almost equal to at least a half of the normal payment. This issue should be addressed in the beginning in order to avoid complications in the future.

• House rules and safety is another issue to look at. Parents need to establish rules so that certain standards are met when the nanny is caring out her duties. These rules may cover smoking, alcohol, visitors, phone usage, and many other issues that a parent may find important. These issues should be discussed before signing the contract. Safety is another issue to discuss. Ensure that the nanny is certified in CPR or first aid. If the nanny is not certified the parents may decide to enroll her for the safety course. By doing this you feel more secure that the nanny knows what to do in case of an emergency involving the children or anyone else in the house.

• Each and every parent need to understand and consider these fat ors when looking for and hiring a nanny. preparing a nanny's work agreement, which consist of all the above factors, will help you set your expectation and avoid any misunderstanding when she starts working. Since the bigger role of the nanny is looking after the kids these issues should be addressed before the nanny begins to discharge her services. with such an understanding the nanny knows what exactly is expected of her in that home. In addition, in case of any mistake she should be answerable since she knows all that is expected of her.

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