What Every Affiliate Marketer Dreams of For Xmas.

By: Guy Draper

Itís a lovely October day here in the United Kingdom. Who would have thought we would have had a warmer September and October than the dreadful summer we had. Next thing you know we will be having snow for Christmas.

Which reminds me its Xmas soon, I know you are all thinking but itís only October for goodness sake. But you have to remember that all the retailers are gearing up for Xmas. They are picking their stock and designing their advertising campaigns. After all Christmas is the time when most merchants will turn over more money than the whole of the rest of the year.

So if you are an affiliate marketer then you need to be thinking the same. After all if so many people are out their spending money, and you know how silly it can get, then you should be trying to get a little slice of that pie.

Ok I admit that most of us spend our time selling digital products, and many of those goods from the likes of Clickbank do have an all year round interest. But remember some people canít always afford to buy these goods and may request them for a Xmas present.

The other side you shouldnít ignore and many people in affiliate marketing do are the physical goods. It is probably true to say that more people buy physical goods than the electronic products that Clickbank offer. When was the last time you bought an ebook rather than a shirt or a pair of socks?

So all you budding affiliate marketers you need to recognize your market and then you can try and find the merchants who sell the goods. Thatís really easy; all you do is type into Google your item and affiliate. So if you want to promote socks just type +socks +affiliate into the box and hit the search button, you should then end up with a list of companies to investigate. Also the likes of Commission Junction and Shareasale mainly deal in tangible goods. If you get really stuck then you can always resort to the likes of Amazon or Ebay, where these days you can buy almost anything. Being household names of course means they also easy places to promote.

Now the typical Clickbank commission will probably be 50-75%, so as you can see itís quite easy to earn some quick money, whereas a lot of merchants will offer you from 4% upwards. But how many people want to buy the latest ďMake MoneyĒ ebook compared to those that need say socks. You do the maths and you can see how quickly that money can add up. Itís also worth noting that the refund rate on some Clickbank products can be very prohibitive and with all your time and effort you might be taken aback at how small your hourly rate is. The return on physical goods in general is much lower. What about the longevity of a Clickbank product? I canít remember how many times I have seen a book or product come out only to have part two come out a couple of months later.

So come on all you affiliate marketers out there, pull out your toolkit and add some more sustainable goods to your daily income.

Guy Draper

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Guy has been in IT for over 20 years, starting when punch cards where one of the main forms of input. He now puts that knowledge to good use earning an income from Affiliate Marketing and intends to use that to retire wealthy

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