What Does A Building Permit Tell You?

By: Dairy Smith

The building industry is one with the potential for fraud that if not kept in check can easily result in many substandard buildings that would become hazardous. To prevent this from happening, the government has many rules and regulations that builders must comply with. No building can be started without a building permit to ensure that all the plans are in order and that the site is suitable.

In addition, at various stages during the building there must be an inspection to ensure that the right materials have been used and that the work has been done properly. Trained inspectors must be contacted to do this inspection and if they find anything substandard they cannot allow the building to proceed until it has been fixed. This ensures that the building will not collapse and that it will withstand a high degree of wind velocity and storm activity.

Once the inspections are complete and all the boxes ticked the building can go ahead until the next stage when another inspection must be done. While this might seem to be unnecessary and it does take up extra time in waiting for the inspection to be carried out, it is well worth it in the long run, since if a building collapses many lives could be lost.

Building permits cannot even be issued until all the building plans and details have been examined. If anything is found to be deficient, then the permit will not be forthcoming at least, not until it has been changed to comply with regulations and resubmitted. Since this will take time it is far better to get it right the first time around. Most builders realise that time is money and make sure the plans are right to start with.

No home builder would want to risk having a substandard home. A great deal of money and effort goes into paying for a home so such an asset needs to be solid if the value is to be found in it. Homes need to last for a lifetime or more, but this will not happen unless they are built correctly, using timber and other materials that have passed inspection.

So while getting a building permit might seem like a lot of trouble it is certainly essential if your home is to be a valuable asset that lasts for many years and can be passed down to your children. Of course, this applies to other buildings as well; not just homes.

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