What Do You Want to Listen to in Your Car Stereo?

By: Veronika Sikes

How do you want your car audio Virginia to go? A sweet mellow sound or a full fast, heart-drumming boom? I always stereotype old people, old maids, old maid types, nuns, introverts, and frigid people to love turning the car stereo down. I am not being mean. It is just that these people always make me paint that picture of silent afternoons and peaceful car rides. Of course, they can always play rock and roll, but their quiet nature might not allow them to turn the stereo to a deafening high. I may sound biased, but that is what I always see so far.

On the other hand, those who love a blasting car audio Virginia are most likely young, hip, teenagers, rock stars, pop stars, pop star wannabes, and rock star wannabes. The list goes on. Influencers in music like Avril Lavigne, Foo Fighters, Coheed and Cambria, and Linkin Park--among other rocking musicians--often inspire these people. In the pop scene, we have the most popular singers in that genre: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Justine Timberlake, and Cee Lo Green, among others. Without these influencers in music, it will be hard to imagine these people to be as passionate in music as they are right now.

But serious, car audio Virginia aside, music is really a great influence in a person’s life. Its effect is different to our more silent friends because they opt to choose the smoother, lighter type of music. I believe those kinds of music are the likes of Michael Buble, Adele, and Regina Spektor. These genres of music soothe soul. They often bring calmness and ease to the mind. One would think that that is a good thing, that that is maybe the better choice. However, not all music lovers want that kind of feeling.

Others--and I dare say a good percent of the youth population--prefer the sudden rush of hip hop and rock and roll. They would prefer that tingling excitement they feel every time they hear the beating of the drums and the slamming of the guitars, not to mention the extra thumping of their nerves every time the powerful voice of the vocalist hits the microphone. It does not matter if they hear it live in the gigs and concerts or in the closed environment of their cars through their car audio Virginia. They would choose it over any genre any time.

Only music can do this to people. It holds that powerful and somewhat mysterious power that people do not always understand but still whole-heartedly embrace. At the end of the day, it does not matter what genre or type of music a person listens to in his car audio Virginia. It does not matter if it is mellow or R ‘n B or pop or rock. It does not matter because when you go right down to it, they are all music. They may be subcultures and subgenres, but their essence is still that force that always stops us from our tracks and makes our spirits soar and sing.

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