What Do You Think Of The Gentleness Of Japanese Women ?

By: yang

The first is the language of gentleness. In language, Japanese women always speaks very mildly, politely, and voice tone sounds very gentle.
The second is the action of gentleness. Once many of the more traditional Japanese women are sitting on the chair, both feet must merger and hands must be natural on his knees, body sloping slightly.when talking,their bodies should also slightly bend over. when kneeling , the body also is slightly tilted forward, the feet toward the rear still merger, both hands also need naturally to be put on the knees.
The third is the inner gentleness. Many Japanese women's gentleness is the unity and harmony inside and outside . they don't directly show their opinions, and respect others with strategy, and think of problem standing in the other's shoes . There is a saying: Chinese women gentleness is to want to let a man more love themselves, and Japanese women gentleness just to let a man happy. In fact at this point , Japanese women are much smarter than Chinese women , because truth is truth.
In Japan, if a woman looks not very pretty, but her image is the sweet, and has very gentle personality.She could still be loved by many Japanese men.Most Japanese men like smart girls, but they also want women to hide their ability,and let them go in front; Japanese men also requires a very elegant woman.They think a woman's tenderness should be distributed slowly, which will have a interesting female charm.
You often feel a kind of grace from the inside to out in many Japanese women's body.Even if she does not look pretty, but you can feel their temperament comeing out.
Japanese women tend to be demure and quiet, and this kind of demure and peace give people peace of soul.This is not reflect by "makeup" modifier, but something in practice from the inside. Modern Japanese woman pay great importance to the self-build,and all the women in Japan think "Tao" is of great importance.Japanese women use "Tao" to become beauty and to cultivate themselve.
Finally, most Japanese women have very delicate smooth skin,because of the warm maritime climate and inseparable from the social upbringing.They cooked a wide variety of side dishes, skilled artisans, workers in the decoration, to create a relaxed and cheerful in terms of other talented family atmosphere in daily life.Marrying a Japanese wife for a foreign is a very lucky thing.

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