What Colored Contacts Do for the Eyes?

By: John S. Lugo

Colored contacts enable users to change their eye color. There are Plano lenses which are primarily for cosmetic purposes and do not have any capacity to correct your vision. The prescription models do not only alter the shade but correct disorders such as farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Factors worth considering before selecting this type of medical eye devices include instances when the colored part glides over your pupil. This can lead to an abnormal appearance. It may also happen the pupil is bigger than the center of the lens which can affect your sight.

However, colored contact lenses are safe to wear provided these have been prescribed correctly, used properly and maintained according to standards. It is important to see the eye doctor for lens fitting for comfort and natural look. The daily disposable lens is appropriate if you will wear this only for exclusive occasions. The prescription is necessary so you can purchase colored lenses anywhere in the country. These are still classified by the Food and Drug Administration as medical devices. See to it that you buy this implement from legitimate sources.

Majority of these colored contacts have been crafted to copy the Iris. Some of them feature a string of miniscule colored dots, lines and shapes to make the lens look more innate on your eye. Said lenses can come in so-called visibility tint (green or light blue) making it easy for you to see the lens during insertion or removal. The hue is comparatively pale and does not have an effect on eye color. Enhancement tint is solid but transparent and a bit dark. This enhances the eye’s natural shade. It is excellent for eyes with light colors. Opaque tint is non-translucent and changes eye color fully. Available tints are amethysts, brown, blue, gray, green, hazel, and violet.
Finding the best color of contact lenses depends on skin tone, shade of your hair and the type of look you want to have. There are subtle colors and vibrant varieties which the younger generation normally prefers. Customized tints provide a distinct appearance. You can get these from manufacturers who produce custom color shades for prescription and non-prescription contacts. Sport tints are becoming quite popular for athletes who need to enhance their vision during games and competitions.

Keep in mind the dos and don’ts of wearing contacts. Refrain from exchanging these eye devices with anyone. These are fitted according to your eye’s specifications. Swapping can affect your vision and transmit microorganisms that can bring about serious infections.

Lenses must be cleaned well, sanitized and stored in the right containers to prevent contamination. Do not forget to replace your colored contact lenses based on the guidelines of the eye care professional. Never wear these lenses on you develop painful or irritated eyes. This may be an indication of something that can turn out to be more severe. Call your doctor right away if you suffer from any soreness. Find the most suitable lens with the assistance of the eye care specialist.

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