What Causes The Different Types Of Anxiety?

By: Ian Spencer

You have heard so many times that prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is always wise to concentrate on how to close the door on the problem right at the beginning rather than seeking ways to solve it after we invite it in. Prevention is possible only when you know the causes of the problem. Anxiety can be caused by many factors, but at the root of it is only one thing – loosing control and the fear of loosing control.

Anxiety sets in every time you feel that things go out of your control. You have a deadline which you feel might miss, you will find anxiety creeping in; you are caught in the traffic and you need to reach on time for a very important presentation, you will feel anxiety kicking in; you find that you or anyone of your dear ones is in any kind of trouble, there comes the anxiety again; and so on. You will find that anxiety and stress go hand in hand because both exert more pressure than required on your mind and body.

According to the anxiety symptoms exhibited, the following are the types of anxiety you need to recognize and fight against:

Panic Disorder

This everything around you triggers feelings of panic. You feel that you are in the middle of your worst nightmare. Nothing works out the way you planned, everything seems to fall apart, and you seem to be jinxed in everything you do – the only way out is to run away; get away from everything and everybody.

General Anxiety Disorder

When the smallest thing that does not go your way causes you to hyperventilate and have heart palpitations. You are easily startled, highly irritable and have inability to sleep well at night. You experience a continuous feeling of fatigue and fatality, which interferes heavily with everything you do: productivity, relationships, and lifestyle.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This is when you feel you have to do something again and again without any logical explanation just so you feel safe and secure. You just have to do it – say, washing your hands, combing your hair, checking the doors and windows to see whether they are secured, checking your wallet/ purse to see whether your money is still there and so on.

Post Traumatic Disorders

This is when you have experienced physical and/or mental trauma, the feelings of which are triggered by smells, sounds, circumstances that emulate those of the traumatic incident.

Every one of these disorders has a different set of symptoms; however, there is one common factor – they are caused by an overwhelming feeling of lack of control. The outside causes may be different, but inside the body anxiety is caused by chemical imbalances, especially of depletion of a compound called serotonin which influences the functions of the brain. Serotonin depletion in turn is caused by a sudden flush of cortisol in the blood, which is a by-product of stress induced hyperactivity of the adrenal glands.


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