What Can The Energy Saving Trust Do For You?

By: Rick Skuw

The Energy Saving Trust is a self-governing organization that's based in the UK and founded in 1993 with the primary goal of encouraging actions against climate change. I always contact them before doing any plumbing and heating work for advice. They promote ways of efficient use of energy and methods on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The organization is financed by the government along with the private sector.

In relation to the fight against climate change, the Energy Saving Trust supplies free information and guidance to help people all over the UK to preserve energy and reduce pollution. Their main office is located in England and they also have teams and offices located in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This enables them to reach a greater quantity of people across the UK and supply them with help and data about energy saving. This approach further allows them to give customized advice depending on the type, condition and budget of a particular property. Their services include directing people to available financial help or grants needed to implement various energy saving measures in buildings like insulation of its walls, loft, windows and floors. Implementation of renewable energy systems is also one of the offered options.

The Energy Saving Trust realized that there is a need for a stage by stage approach towards communicating energy saving techniques to people. On the forefront is the need to establish that the issue of climate change is directly related to the unnecessary and inefficient use of energy by most households. Once established, this will then be their basis to speak to people and persuade them to get guidance from the Trust on ways to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes. This encompasses the effective ways they can put into action straight away and those that take a bit longer to implement.

In the initial stages of the campaign, officials of the Trust developed a theory that openly connected energy consumption to the problem of climate change. The theory states that if we save energy we will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions which cause these bad effects to our environment. For example, unplugging appliances that go on standby mode when not in use can reduce energy consumption a great deal. It can considerably decrease the load of a power station especially when added altogether. These actions can be shown on TV and print media to have the maximum effect possible. Secondly is the necessity to establish that the action of a single person will make a big impact. For example, if every home switched off a light when not in use, the energy saved can be huge when summed-up and can be used to light many more homes.

Apart from its advisory service, the Energy Saving Trust gives calculated analysis determined by actual data gathered concerning energy efficiency of homes, renewable energy and other energy sources and technologies.

The Trust also gives technical advice and solutions to builders in the UK to plan, build and renovate homes to be energy efficient. Additionally, they have the Green Communities program which supports various energy schemes in communities.

The Energy Saving Trust has many more functions and all are geared toward saving energy to scale back pollution in order to save our planet. you can do your bit to help save the planet by getting an Energy Performance Certificate and acting on the advice in the report to reduce your energy consumption.

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