What Can Famous College Logos Teach You? - The Power of Branding!

By: rita summers

As for any other business, logos play a very crucial role in the educational institutes as well.

College logos teach us a very important lesson – the power of branding.

All educational institutions provide education but some are more successful than others because they know how to brand their institutes properly.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous university and college emblems and see what makes them unique.

1. Harvard:
Although this famous institution town mark has slightly altered their brand mark many times, the basic image has remained consistent throughout the years. Their symbol consists of a crimson colored shield with yellow wreath surrounding it. Latin words ‘Ve Ri Tas’ are inscribed below which mean ‘truth’. The crimson shade represents passion signifying that the students must zealously struggle for knowledge or to become learned.

2. Princeton:
The emblem of this famous school is a crest consisting of their official colors, i.e. orange and black. The Latin words inscribed in the ribbon below are ‘Dei sub numine viget’ which mean ‘Under God’s power, she flourishes’. Because Princeton was originally a Theological Seminary, their crest reflects the same. The words ‘Vet Nov Testamentvm’ are inscribed in the crest that represents the old and New Testament. The shape of the book can be connected to the testaments as well as for academic knowledge.

3. Oxford:
This institute’s emblem is a belted round shape with an image of a book and three crowns in the design. The three crowns with a dark blue background have been a popular symbol to adorn the English coat of arms. Words ‘Dom Mina Nvs Tio Illv Mea’ are inscribed in the design which comes from Psalm 27 that means ‘the Lord is my light’. It is also the university motto. The prominent colors in the motif are navy blue and gold.

4. Dartmouth:
This university is all about tradition and their motif represents the same. The shield-like shape consists of scenery of an academy that is obviously in a rural area with tress in the background symbolizing the college’s location in a rural area. Two figures with books are shown walking towards the building and a book shining like the sun from the sky is shown on the top left corner of the emblem. The words ‘Vox Clamantis in Deserto’ are inscribed around the symbol which means ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness’. Their pictogram is unique and traditional like the institution.

5. Penn State:
Their official icon consists of an image of a Nittany lion with dark blue background which is their official mascot and has been adorning their official college logos images since beginning of time. There are two reasons for choosing the lion as their mascot. First, because lions commonly roamed around the Mount Nittany located locally and secondly, because lions are known as the king of beasts, courageous, magnificent and dignified.

Hence, it is not just their educational standards but also their brand marks that set these institutions apart from others.

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