What Becomes of Abortion?

By: Michelle Anne Jones

What comes to mind when people say abortion? That word has become so common in America that people don’t give much attention anymore. You can always take it or leave it. Of course, that is the case with the majority of the people. In other aspects of the subject, extremists and liberal minded groups are still battling the legality and morality of the issue. There are laws against it in some states, but it is allowed and is legal in other states. Well, tell you what. Women still do it anyway—with or without the laws as restrictions. Why do some women do it after all the restrictions? Let me tell you why—because they find abortion Virginia necessary to do so.

Come to think of it. What is the use of laws when women do it anyway? Abortion Virginia is available almost everywhere. It is almost a norm among American women. You don’t want another mouth to feed? Choose abortion. You don’t want to undergo the labors of pregnancy and delivery? Choose abortion. You got the baby by accident or by sexual assault? Choose abortion. It is so ubiquitous and convenient that more women favor the deed than oppose it.

Abortion Virginia is even subtly introduced in teen flicks such as Juno. The society view abortion as one of the more logical choices to make when certain problems arise during pregnancy. Most accept it as a part of the society’s lifestyles. So, why do some people still oppose the way they do? Well, they have their own stand in morality. They have the right to choose what they believe is right. This is America after all. If abortion is allowed in the first place, surely, opinions against it won’t be forbidden by society. No matter how normal abortion is to Americans, it remains to be a controversial issue, not trivial at all.

Despite these opposing opinions, there is one great possibility for abortion Virginia. The concept, the practice, the totality of abortion will continue to thrive in today’s—and even in the future’s–society. Why? It is already an accepted option for family planning. Not only that. It is also used in extreme, traumatic cases such as rape. Whether we like it or not, abortion has its uses. Yes, some women abuse it. But it also continues to help others—not only women but whole families as well.

The thing is, abortion Virginia is not some fad we go crazy about now and just forget about later on. Abortion managed to take root in the consciousness of the American people. Yes, people will continue to question it. Yes, there will always be doubts about its morality. Yes, it is not always the pretty choice. However, it also remains to be the more feasible and logical of choices. We live in practical times, and I believe that will remain to be that way in the future—what with our continuous problem with money and debt. Abortion is not only accepted in the present. I believe it will be accepted in the future as well.

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