What Are the Applications of Mild Steel?

By: Jake Hyet

Before we discuss the many uses for mild steel let's be sure that everyone understands what it is. Mild steel is basically the most commonly used steel by companies such as Galvanized Metro Steel. It is also the cheapest steel there is. In fact, it can be found in almost every steel product made. The reasons it is so popular besides its low cost is that it is very hard, yet weldable, and while it rusts easily, it is still a very long lasting product. This type of steel contains a maximum of 0.29% carbon, and can be magnetized and utilized in nearly any project that necessitates using a great amount of metal. However, its structural strength prohibits it from being used to make load-bearing girders and structural beams.


Mild steel composes many of the ordinary, everyday objects that are made from steel. This includes motorcycle frames, automobile chassis, and most cookware. Because it doesn't really have much resistance to corrosion, it has to be painted or otherwise protected and then sealed to keep it from rusting over and eventually being damaged. It doesn't take much to accomplish this though. A light coat of grease or oil will seal it fine and also aid in controlling rust, as a company like Galvanized Metro Steel could tell you.

While high-carbon steel is difficult to weld, mild steel is easy to weld. The composition of the steel lets the electrical current travel through the metal without damaging the makeup of the material. Most people aren't aware of this fact, but with certain types of high-carbon steel, for example, stainless steel, special techniques must be used to correctly weld the material. Because it is much less brittle than high-carbon steels, mild steel is more flexible and can can give in certain places in construction projects whereas a higher-carbon version, although more expensive, would probably break.

Steel itself is often used in the making of cutting tools and dies. However, because it is so brittle and extremely hard, it is the steel of choice for construction and structural forms by companies such as Mild Steel.

Mild Steel vs. Steel

Alloy steel is presently one of the most widely used types of steel, but whether or not it suits your purposes depends upon what you expect it to do. Another example, for building automobiles as well as airplane parts, chromium steel is normally used because of its hardness, strength and elasticity.

One more fact about regular steel is that contrary to what most people believe, not all varieties of steel are magnetic. An example of this would be nickel steel. It is nonmagnetic and does not have the brittleness of high-carbon steel, but it does possess the the same tensile properties. In order to be able to tell nonmagnetic steel types apart from other kinds of steel, you can check its density.

Mild Steel vs. Stainless Steel

Mild steel is a type of steel alloy that is composed of high amounts of carbon as one of its main ingredients, companies such as Mild Steel will tell you. Alloy is essentially a mixture of metals and non-metals which are created to have certain specific properties. Mild steel is different from stainless steel due to its chromium content. When the two are compared stainless steel contains a lot more chromium.

Mild steel is normally used for creating pipes, bullets, armor, chains, nuts and bolts, hinges, magnets, cable, wire and knives. Mild steel can also be made stronger if more carbon is added to it. Also, there are modern treatments that can be applied to mild steel which can delay or even entirely prevent corrosion in it.

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