What Are You Doing That's Different to last New Year?

By: Sandesh Ajgaonkar

What did you do yesterday or last week or last month that you had never done before? What new experiences are you having this year that you have never had in any other year of your life? What are you doing to make sure that your life is an exciting adventure rather than a boring routine?

When a baby comes into the world it is born into an exciting place full of new and interesting experiences. For the first few years of life that baby is on an adventure of discovery. He or she learns to walk and to talk. She learns to feed herself. She discovers new sensations each and everyday. If you watch a baby exploring his world you will see what an amazingly interesting place this world can be.

As we grow into children we learn new things, find new games to play and have new, interesting experiences. Life is still exciting. But somewhere along the way to adulthood most people fall out of "life the exciting adventure" and land in "life the dull routine". What happened?

People in first world countries have an average lifespan of around eighty years but most of them are living the same year over and over. Where did that childhood enthusiasm for life go?

Life is a field of infinite possibility. The possibilities that an adult has for adventure and discovery is far greater than what a child has. By rights an adult should be more enthusiastic with life than what a child is. By rights an adult should leap out of bed each morning with the joy of having another day to experience this magnificent adventure that we are all a part of.

The thing that most people lose between childhood and adulthood is their sense of adventure. I wonder how much of your sense of adventure you have lost.

Adults replace their childhood sense of adventure with a sense of fear. They are afraid to try something new in case it doesn't work out. They are afraid of doing something different in case they look stupid. They are afraid to go somewhere that they've never been in case they don't like it. They are living each day in fear and allowing fear to steal the excitement out of their life.

Why not throw fear out of your life and rediscover the enthusiasm for living that you had as a child? If you want to discover the possibilities for your life you need to become an explorer, you need to try new things and find rewards that you didn't even know existed.

Here are a few possibilities you could try. As you read them watch your reactions and see if you are being ruled by fear or by the enthusiasm of possibility.

- You could learn something new just for the fun of it.

- You could go somewhere where you have never been before.

- You could move to another country and live there for a few years.

- You could give your old friends a break and find new friends.

- You could take up a new hobby.

- You could stop watching television.

- You could learn a new language.

- You could change careers

- You could do something you've always wanted to but haven't yet done.

Did you feel your comfort zone starting to worry as you read the list above? Did it say things like "I couldn't do that" or did it come up with other excuses why you couldn't just get up and move country or change friends or change careers? Open your mind to the possibility of a stimulating life. Life is an infinite pool of possibilities if only you take the time to look.

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