What Are The Symptoms And Herbal Supplements For Leucorrhea?

By: Gordon R Santo

Leucorrhea is a common disorder amongst females in their fertile years although it can affect very young and adolescent girls too. Leucorrhea in lay men‚��s language is frequent white or colored vaginal discharge which may or may not produce irritating smell. The discharge from female genital organ is not uncommon but if this is so profuse that stopping it with sanitary pads is difficult than it is a serious concern.

Female‚��s genital passage needs proper chemical balance to keep infections away, it secretes fluid to maintain elasticity of its walls and maintain chemical balance. During act of coition this discharge becomes bit more to allow smooth movement of male reproductive organ. When this discharge is too much, changes its color and produces foul smell it is regarded as Leucorrhea. It is a non-pathological symptom which may signify presence of infection, inflammation, STD and hormonal imbalance.
Fungal infections, much like the yeast which affects genital tract of women, can cause Leucorrhea. The infection triggers inflammatory response which pushes female‚��s immunity system to produce more fluid to flush out the infection. This kind of discharge is thick and white in color with itching sensation. Sexually transmitted diseases, most commonly Trichomoniasis, also cause Leucorrhea, in such cases discharge is green or yellow in color. Unhygienic toilet habits like sharing towels or undergarments with others or using dirty bath tub etc can cause infections to promote Leucorrhea.

Contraceptives which need to be inserted in female‚��s genital passage, allergy with latex and vaginal medications also cause this problem. Cervical problems like cervical polyp and cervical erosion also cause this problem; discharge gets more profuse after coition in such condition and is brown in color. Women suffering Pelvic Inflammatory disease, stress, tensions and diseases like Tuberculosis and anemia also suffer with profuse discharge from genital passage. Other practices like too much douching, use of harsh soaps and detergents and chemicals coming in contact with genital passage can also cause excessive discharge or Leucorrhea.

The primary symptom of Leucorrhea is abnormal amount of discharge from genital passage; this discharge can start and stop or continue for substantial duration like one or two days. In case of mild problems which disturb chemical balance of female genital passage like presence of mild swelling, cut or harsh substance the discharge gets back to normal on its own after threat has been removed. But if condition persists than it signifies presence of serious problem which needs medical attention.
Three conditions shall be noticed in case of excessive discharge, if discharge is not white in color or it is yellow, green or brown; if discharge is white in color but profuse; if discharge is accompanied by itchy sensation or pain in lower abdomen. All of these symptoms suggest that Leucorrhea has occurred due to serious condition which needs medical attention. Leucorrhea is not a problem in itself, it is response of body‚��s immunity system, but condition triggering it needs to be diagnosed and treated.

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