What Are The Best Foods For Eyesight?

By: Amuro Wesley

As you grow older and wiser, your health deterioriates. That includes your eyesight. But even at young age when you start school, it is very easy to get short sight due to hours of intensive studying and doing homework. Apart from regular exercise, you need the right food as well. Here are some of the best foods I complied for eyesight.


Eggs are what we normally consume for breakfast. Since it is the part of our first meal, they are the easiest to start off with along with bread toast.

It contains omega-3 acids, lecithin and sulfur based ingredients which will greatly help you to strengthen optic nerves and protect your vision against any possible outbreak of cataracts.


Do you know that carrots are very popular for their abilities to strengthen eyesight?

Medical studies have shown that carrots contain an excellent concentration of Vitamin A and bera carotene that will convert any retained body fat into energy.

Vitamin A is capable of maintaining your coating within the internal part of your eyes together with your respiratory system, urinary tract and intestines.


Like eggs, garlic contains sulphur which helps to strengthen and keeps your eyes resilient.

It also serves as natural blood thinner which improves your blood circulation.

Grapes, Blue, Rasp and Strawberries

Grapes with mixed assortment of blue, rasp and strawberries share a common ingredient called anthocyanin.

What anthocyanin actually does is to improve your night vision and help you to see better at night.

These are usually served as snacks to soldiers fighting in the First and Second World Wars so that they can spot the enemy faster and increase their chances of victory.


Papaya contains both vitamins A and C which helps to maintain the overall health of your body and eyes regardless of how old you get.


The reasons as to why it is Popeye’s favourite snack in the cartoon series are true.

They provide not only strength to your body muscles but carotenoids to safeguard your eyes from macular problems.

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