What Are The Basics Of Stock Investing?

By: Miranda R. Johnson

In the present economic crisis everyone is looking for ways in which they can make money, and before that to successfully have enough money to be able to retire with or enjoy the finer things in life. Stock investment is a way that people are able to do just that, but I would like to today explain to you the basics of stock investing.
Stocks are basically a group of shares within a business or company; this will mean that you are able to benefit from profits made. You do not have to take any part in the day to day running of the business, you just invest to enable the company to grow and because you have done so you will be able to earn more than you would by putting the money in the bank and get a percentage of the company's profits.
You can gain from the profits you put in but there is also a possibility you may not, especially if the business goes bust which is why you will want to invest in something worthwhile.
Stocks are usually put into two different categories and there are benefits to both, but you will have to decide which one will suit your needs and personal preference. The one kind of stock is a common stock, and the other a preferred stock. Which ever one you choose you have will be paid when a dividend is announced. This is basically an announcement of when the percentages that have been earned are to be paid out.
Common stock is when your investment is put into the business of choice and then you will receive a percentage of profit, as decided beforehand by the management each year. The percentage of your cut will depend on the amount other investors have put into the business.
The best way I can explain how the profits are split is by giving you an example. Imagine the company profits are $100'000 and then it is decided by management that the stock holders are to get $10'000. If you own 50% of the stock you would make $5'000.
The alternative that you can choose to invest in is called preferred stock and there are many reasons it is known as such. The preferred stock investors are have a set percentage that they are given as soon as a dividend is announced and one advantage at the very least they have over common stock holders is that they are among the first to receive payment where as the common stock holders have to wait.
Basically when you put your money into a business you will be investing into it, and your profits will rise and fall accordingly, if you wish you are able to sell on these stocks so that you can make further profit, and many people do so successfully, but to know when is the best time to buy and sell you will need to keep your eye on the stock market.

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