What Are Custom Subliminal Messages?

By: Trevor Johnson

Custom subliminal messages are subliminal messages that you create for yourself or pay someone to create them for you. They can be designed for any purpose that you choose.
A subliminal message is one that you are not aware you are receiving. You are not aware that you are seeing or hearing the message because it is directed straight to your subconscious mind. The words or images are hidden to our conscious mind by other images or sounds.
The subconscious is the part of the mind that makes decisions and holds our beliefs and attitudes. It also creates the emotional response to any situation and affects our thinking. Our conscious thought will often influence the actions we take and what we choose to believe, which is why subliminal messaging is so powerful for changing set patterns of thought and belief.
You can re-program your brain with custom subliminal messages, making it believe and accept anything you want it to. This means you have complete control over your belief system, which may well be holding you back in life. After all, our beliefs have come from our childhood implanted by our parents, siblings, teachers and peers; they may no longer be serving us well.
This means that subliminal messages can be used for self-improvement, but they can also be used to influence the decisions we make as we go about daily life. The marketing industry has known this for many years, and uses it constantly in advertising on TV and in print. We are not even aware of subliminal advertising because it is disguised by background music or visible images.
You can use custom subliminal messages to change any behavior you want. There is software that teaches you to make your own messages or there are websites that will make them for you, using the information you give them.

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