What Is Interior Landscaping?

By: Chriss Tyrrell

Interior landscaping in brief, is the means by which you make the environment you live or work in more pleasant through the use of greenery or other natural “things”. Bear in mind that the word “greenery” was used to emphasize a point. Meaning all that is green today is not necessarily a living plant.

New Fake or “Faux” Green Plants Look Incredibly Real

That’s because you can acquire fake plants now that are literally indistinguishable from the genuine article. Bear in mind that unless you have a green thumb, even the most vibrant of plants can in due time deteriorate in health to one degree or another in an interior environment.

Your Living and Working in a Desert

That’s because to a living plant, the inside of an average home or office is basically a desert. You see, heaters and air conditioners will dry the air out and if a plant isn't acclimated to dry air, there will be problems. So if you must have living plants and aren't familiar with plant care, consider (thornless) cacti.

Bring Thorny Cacti into Your Home Or Office and You Will Be Sorry

They live forever, endure neglect well and you may be surprised at how green and lush some varieties of cactus really are. However; due to their slow growth rate, large “desirable” thornless cacti can be surprisingly expensive to procure. Do yourself, your children, your employees or your clients a favor and don't consider (thorny) cactus of any type or you will be sorry.

Consider One of the Newer, Elaborate “Ready To Go” Water Features

“Self contained”, “off the shelf”, “ready to go” plug in water features are now very popular. That’s because not only have they become far more affordable but at the same time they are also now much more elaborate and natural looking. You will have no trouble locating great water features that you can simply unpack, load with water and plug in.

Fish Aquariums Look Great!

Fish aquariums look great and lend a certain “living cache'” to a home or office. However; be aware that it is very easy to get sold on “the works” down at the pet shop. Also bear in mind that the more extravagant the fish and the aquarium set up are, the more vulnerable they and it are to any number of problems that can leave your fish “belly-up”.

Once Again, Keep It Simple

A nice simple “fish bowl” with a few hardy (goldfish) will accomplish the same effect and cleaning and maintaining it is as simple a dumping the water in the bathroom sink or toilet every few weeks. Also, if your (goldfish) do go “belly up” for one reason or another, your only out a couple of dollars.

Avoiding An Interior “Environmental Catastrophe” Further Down the Road

Bear in mind when doing your initial interior landscaping work, that if you have an employee that possesses the skills to keep and maintain “exotic living” plants, that’s just great. However; should they leave your office to work elsewhere for any reason you could be left with an interior “environmental catastrophe” on your hands.

Place Fake Plants up High On Shelves Or Ceiling Hangers

With the right information and long term planning in place though, there is no reason why you can't green up your home or office without taking on undue responsibilities. If you have a problem with fake plants then place them up high on shelves or ceiling hangers and no one will ever know the difference. Make it easy on yourself in the beginning and you will be glad that you did over the long haul.

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Chris Tyrrell writes for The Silk Forest, professional designers and installers of interior landscaping for a variety of locations throughout the world. Visit the website for more details.

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