Weight Training Precautions

By: Tom Dahne

As the individual gets closer to his goal, weight lifting programs become more and more strenuous. Therefore, a number of precautions should be kept in mind in order to avoid injury or permanent harm to the body.

1) Wearing appropriate clothes is extremely important during weight lifting. If you wear loose clothes, there is a high chance that the cloth will get caught in the weight lifting machines and cause serious injury. At the same time, if you wear clothes which are too tight, you will get overheated and not be able to exercise properly. Therefore, you should wear clothes that are light and fit you well.

2) Exercising means that you will sweat more and if you are not careful- you may get dehydrated. Therefore, keeping energy drinks like Gatorade or lemon water nearby is very important. This becomes all the more essential during weight lifting programs because the energy used is much more intense as compared to a regular exercise program.

3) Resting your muscles during a weight training program is essential. This means that you should focus on a different body part every day. If you work on the same muscle day after day, you will not achieve the results that you desire. Instead, alternating between your upper body and lower body on a daily basis is recommended.

4) If you begin your weight lifting regime without stretching out your muscles; chances are that you will injure yourself. Therefore, 20 minutes should always be spent warming up your muscles.

5) Starting out with lighter weights is always recommended over lifting heavy weights straight from the beginning. As your weight lifting program becomes more intense, the weights will also get heavier. Therefore, a gradual increase is much safer.

6) Perfecting a particular kind of breathing technique is an important part of a weight lifting program. This is because, if you do not breathe out while lifting the weight and hold your breath, your bloody pressure may increase and your brain will not receive enough oxygen. Therefore, you should breathe out while lifting and breathe in while coming back.

7) Considering a spotter is recommended as it helps to increase performance as well as safety. A spotter will provide the individual with adequate encouragement, proper tips in order to perfect the technique and required assistance to complete the task.

A number of precautions must be kept in mind:

a) While spotting an individual working out with a barbell, you should use both your hands and place them in such a way that balance is created. If one side is heavier than the other, the individual will get hurt.

b) Similarly, while spotting an individual working out with a dumbbell, both hands should be used and the same balance should be created in order to avoid injury.

A weight lifting program allows the individual to gain such benefits that are unattainable by carrying out any other exercise routine. However, the above mentioned precautions must always be kept in mind so that effective results can be achieved and injury can be avoided.

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