Weight Loss Tips for How to lose belly fat

By: Vin Parkman

There are so many other ways to eat plus exercise routines out there that I dont have time to thoroughly review them all but athletes must make certain they arent jumping on the freshest fad. I even have a lot of weight loss tips for athletes that I use for individuals that are active in the sports club or sports.

Sometimes the high activity level means that they are already already getting a whole lot of exercise thus the diet simply must be tweaked a bit if they want to get ripped abs. Going too low on carbohydrates can zap your strength and energy in training but going to high on carbs can keep blood sugars sky high too much and wont be beneficial to fat loss.

There's a brilliant middle ground for athletes that love to eat but must drop a few pounds. Its all about manipulating the macronutrient ratios of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. If you dont mind doing a little planning to put your meals together you can eat equal amounts of fat, protein, and carbohydrates per meal providing you with just enough carbs for stable blood sugar but not too much to slow down fat burning. The high protein plus fat content helps to slow down the digestion providing you with a gentle release of energy. The meal possibilities eating thirty-three/33/33 (33% carbs, proteins, and fats) are endless since you can create just about any meal when done correctly. This is often very near The Zone plan of 40/30/30 but drops the carbohydrates just a little bit more plus will increase the fat and protein to compensate.

As an athlete myself which likes to eat I can make meals like turkey chili, buffalo chicken wraps with low fat blue cheese, plus veggie omelets with a side of roasted potatoes. I will lose two pounds per week eating like this so long as I keep the ratios consistent and I exercise for a metabolic boost up. Weight loss tips like this make it easy to follow a program when you would like to drop some pounds. It isnt always necessary to chop out everything you have a weakness for to eat if you are aware how to form a meal.

This even works nice whether or not you merely have 3 days a week to exercise. Several full body exercises with a fast pace to keep the heart rate elevated is all you need to lose fat. This combination of exercise and diet done consistently will get anyone down to where they want to be.

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