Weight Loss Show Awards Winner with $250,000

By: Jim Mackey

Losing weight, or attempting to can be difficult. Add in emotion and temptation, and the task gets even more complicated. Some people gravitate toward the group approach, which can be very effective. Others choose to go at it alone. Some people are successful with weight loss, but the key is finding an eating and workout plan that work for you. Weight loss centers around burning more calories than you consume through exercise and calorie restriction. There have been other plans that people have tried to lose weight, but the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is through diet and exercise.

Several parts of mainstream media and television have caught on to the popularity of the subject of losing weight. So many people have recently become part of the obesity epidemic; losing weight has become a high point of interest. One reality television show that has latched onto the concept of losing weight is The Biggest Loser. Biggest Loser features contestants that have a need and desire to lose large amounts of weight and chronicles their journey on national television. Each week you can watch these people work out, compete in challenges, win prizes and most importantly, lose weight. Biggest Loser also gives viewers a chance to get to know those that are losing weight while they go through their ups and downs. Anyone thatís ever tried to lose weight knows what kind of dedication and hard work it takes. Most people wouldnít dream of doing that in front of millions of viewers.

Imagine being one of the contestants. Although everyone is there to lose weight, the show really is a competition. At the end of the show, someone will be crowned the Biggest Loser for losing the highest percentage of total body weight. That title includes a wonderful prize of $250,000 cold hard cash.

When people are brought together to reach a goal that results in one winner, the competitive nature is bound to surface. Something that typically happens is alliances are formed. People form friendships and pledge loyalty to those friends. When itís time for someone to be voted off, alliances can be to your benefit, or your downfall. No matter how unfair it may be, someone typically ends up going home as the result of some alliance that was made on a reality show and Biggest Loser is no different. Following along and watching the contestants lose weight week after week; you pick out your favorites. You cheer someone on because they are the underdog, or because they remind you of yourself on your own personal weight loss journey. Losing weight is hard, but when you throw in alliances, challenges, plateaus and emotion, your journey can be that much harder. Biggest Loser is just one approach to highlighting the importance of losing weight and getting healthy.

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