Weight Loss Quickly! Is It Safe?

By: Jean Stevenson

Fat Loss quickly and easily is almost impossible to achieve.  The big question . . . "Is it Safe?"
I have a friend who was very overweight.  He's very tall, about 6' 5", and carried almost 400 lbs.  He had  Gastro-surgery, that was experimental at the time, that basically put this 'doughnut' device around his stomach.  The cost was enormous (about $18,000). The result was nothing short of miraculous.  He lost 140 lbs.  He looks a whole lot better, but he has experienced some unusual side effects.   He is now complaining of many other problems like high blood pressure, having to eat laying on his side, and a lot of weakness.
I'm much smaller and have a minor problem (about 35 lbs. of extra flab) in comparison.  I tried to lose that fat by taking  Hoodia, herbal supplement everyone was talking about a few months ago.  It worked for a while, I lost about 8 lbs., but then at $40 every couple of weeks it started getting out of hand.  In order for hoodia to keep working I had to take more and more and more.  I decided I would soon be eating more hoodia than real food and the cost was really getting to be too much.
A another friend turnd me on to the Adkins diet.  Again, it worked for a while, but when I went for a check up, I all of a sudden had higher blood pressure and higher colesterol.  So that didn't really work!
I really have to wonder if any weight loss formula is safe.  I just want to lose weigh, not years off my life.
Just like everyone else on the planet I started to look on the internet for diets I could make work for my lifestyle.  Well I stumbled accross this unusual product and got intrigued, probably by the name, more than anything else.
This product doesn't have anything to do with exercise, pills, or surgery for that matter.  Also you don't have to eat a bunch of rice cakes, or a blah, blah diet.  what it does do it give you a formula for eating regular food, smarter.
Well, I've lost an incredible 28 lbs. in just over a month and it is staying off.  How about that?  The best thing is it was EASY!   I can tell you right up front that I'm no idiot and I no longer have a weight problem.
I've tried many weight loss strategies, all were flawed.  The problem is I, like almost everyone I know, was looking for some magic pill to solve my problem.  With all the technology available it only stands to reason that someone has come up with some pill or herb or something to cause the weight to just melt away.  The problem with that thinking is that for every benefit there is a price to pay.  It's either going to cost you plenty of dollars, or your health is going to suffer.  Either way, chances are you will not be able to stick with the program.  Contrary to popular belief, weight loss does not happen overnight and there's no magic formula or pill that will make you lose weight.
What I've discovered is that I can eat the foods I like.  I eat more often without exercise or pills and best of all "I Can Cheat" sometimes.  I've lost and incredible 28 lbs in about a month.  I know that this is not an unhealthy loss.  It has been slow and consistent and I have found that I have had no trouble adapting to the program.
The Product is "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" and this is what you get:

  • The Idiot Proof Diet Generator

  • 10 Idiot Proof Rules of Fat Loss

  • You Get to Lose 9 lbs Every 11 Days

  • You'll Learn How to Stop Retaining Water

  • You'll Learn How to Order Foods at Restaurants to Boost Fat Burning When eating Out

  • You'll Learn How to Drink Alcohol While Still Burning Fat

  • You'll Learn How to Shop at the Grocery Story to Boost Fat Burning for Your Entire Family

  • You'll Learn How to Eat MORE Than 3 Times Per Day to SPEED UP Weight Loss

  • You'll Learn How to Eat Late at Night So That You're Never Hungry Before Bedtime

  • You'll Learn Why You Can Lose Weight No Matter How Bad Your Genetics Are

  • You'll Learn the List of Top Fat Burning Foods

  • You'll Be Taught How to Stay Slim FOR LIFE

It's true; there are two different packages available with Fat Loss 4 Idiots. They are:
Package #1: Includes The Fat Loss 4 Dummies Online Diet Generator & Diet Handbook for just $39. This is the basic system that's designed to help you lose 9 lbs in only 11 days, without having to buy expensive prepackaged foods or go to embarrassing meetings like some diet plans. And that's a one time cost!
Package #2: Includes The Fat Loss 4 Dummies Online Diet Generator & Diet Handbook, PLUS "Beyond Calories", For Just an extra $16.95!
What is Beyond Calories?  Beyond Calories reveals a different way to lose weight using H. S. FOODS -- and a few other Dieting Tricks and Secrets, such as calorie shifting. (You'll learn about "H. S. FOODS" if you Add-On this product.) BC also shows how to increase your total number of meals while boosting weight loss, so you'll lose even more. It's considered a $37 but when added to the Diet Generator is just $16.95 extra, as part of Package #2 . . . which is what the majority purchase.
This means that your body should receive the essentials for weight loss quickly, safely and effortlessly.  All the tools you need to burn fat fast and achieve maximum weight loss quickly and keep it off are in this program.

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