Weight Loss Programs For Men In DC

By: Mel Joelle

In a world where technology has significantly decreased the necessity of physical exercise, we are seeing a growing rise in obesity among men with recent research showing that 33 percent of men are overweight. Having a few extra pounds not only makes a man look less attractive physically, but it can also pose a significant health risk. Keep reading to find out the dangers of obesity and how a weight loss program can help men to get back the body they want while receiving the healthy benefits of being thin and in-shape.

Dangers of Obesity

We have all heard of the dangers of obesity; however, many men choose to ignore these risks or change the channel when there is yet another news report about how being too heavy can affect your health. Tragically, being overweight is definitely a life threatening condition. According to medical reports, men who suffer from obesity have a lower life expectancy, and are more likely to suffer from problems such as high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. Being obese has also been shown to make it harder for men to father children; often ruining hopes of babies for a happy couple. Not only does obesity affect your body, but it can also pose problems to your mental and emotional health. Many over-weight men may become depressed and reserved, putting a strain on close relationships and affecting their overall way of life.

Can a Change of Lifestyle Help?

If you want to loose weight than it’s important that you experience a change of lifestyle; rather than phoning a neighbor, go to visit instead; when you want a snack, choose some healthy veggies instead of a package of potato chips. Although taking small steps to change your lifestyle can make a tremendous difference in the long run, it isn’t always enough. Sometimes, even the healthiest diet and persistent attempts at exercise seem to be futile, leaving a man to feel as if there is no hope.

What Can a Man Do?

If you’ve find that dieting and at-home exercise are not enough to overcome your weight problem, you may be tempted to give up and just gorge on junk food. If you’ve had trouble getting into shape on your own, it’s time that you consider looking for help. Achieve Fitness is a highly respected weight loss program that will help you to shed the added pounds, get in shape, and discover the body that you have always wanted.

How Does it Work?

Achieve Fitness works by providing each client with a personal trainer who can help them to reach their goals to become fit and an appropriate weight. An hour-long session with a trainer is something that any man can squeeze into their busy schedule, while a 24/7 support can provide you with the help you need at any time. Located in the DC area, trainers from Achieve Fitness are local and nearby. With the proper support and guidance, choosing to become fit can become a reality rather than a far-out dream.

If you suffer from obesity or just need to loose a few pounds before your weight gets out of control, don’t wait to get help. Contact Achieve Fitness at www.achieve-fitness.com for more information, to set up a weight loss consultation, or to sign up for classes. Do not put your health on the back burner any longer; start working toward a better body today by contacting Achieve Fitness to find out how we can help you today!

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