Weight Loss Hypnosis Can Work for You!

By: Dane Bergen

Using hypnosis to lose weight is a very effective technique. Losing those extra few kilo's can be much easier than you think, and using hypnosis to lose weight will obliterate those fad diet you may have tried time and time again.

So how do you lose weight with hypnosis?

Well, using hypnosis to lose weight isn't really as difficult as it sounds. It is done by changing peoples associations. Usually overweight people don't have enough pain linked to being overweight, and also too much pleasure linked to eating. This combination is very detrimental to the health of any individual.

To lose weight using hypnosis, there are several key steps.

The first step to lose weight with hypnosis is to create an image in your mind of what how you want your future body to look. Make this image seem real and then write down the exact characteristics of that person.

For example, for myself (a 100kg male), I would say "I will be 90 kilograms, and I will have only 8% body fat. I will be able to run at 80% intensity for 30 minutes without stopping and will be able to do 50 push-ups.

I will have a 32 inch waist and will be proud to walk down the beach with my shirt off". This is just an example of something I might picture. Everyone's goals will be different. To lose weight using hypnosis, think about these on a regular basis, and view it as if it is the present, so you think that these goals have already been achieved. How does it feel? In what ways is your life better? In what ways are you a better person? This will link more pleasure to achieving the desired outcome.

The second step to lose weight using hypnosis is to have a positive frame of mind, and actually believe you can do it! Because like anything in life, if you believe you can, then you can! The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing, and if you keep telling it that you can't lose weight using hypnosis, then you wont be able to, but if you tell it that you can do it easily and keep the changes for the rest of your life, then you subconscious mind will believe that, and that's exactly what will happen.

The last step to lose weight using hypnosis is to add emotion, to embed your goal in your mind. To do this, you just write down a list of things you absolutely despise about being overweight, feel the pain inside yourself when you think about these things, make it so powerful that you wont ever want to be that person again. Feel the agony of being so self-conscious that you can't do things like go to the beach, gym or even out to a meal with friends.

Feel the massive hurt of when you couldn't find clothes that would fit you. Feel the people's eyes looking at you, and you know they're thinking "I hope I never look like that" feel the pain and know that you will never feel that pain again because you are ready to change and you wont live another second without making the change, it will happen NOW and it will last FOREVER!

Now on the other side of that, you use positive associations as well, to lose weight using hypnosis. Link an enormous amount of pleasure to the things you will get when you have lost the weight, make it real and feel it inside you.

It will become so simple to lose weight using hypnosis and you will never need to try another crash diet again. Enjoy!

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