Weekly Workout Plan

By: Mel Joelle

Fitness is not an unattainable goal. No matter what your current situation, with dedication and consistency you feel better, have more energy and become fitter. All you need is to a plan and the dedication stick to it. Obviously, this is easier said than done. A good fitness schedule should incorporate different types of workouts and different activities into something that fits both your weekly schedule and your fitness goals.

Speaking of goals, keep the ones you have realistic. If you haven’t run more than 100 yards since you were in high school then running a marathon next month is probably unrealistic. Keep your workouts to a level that allows you to function afterwards, not have to crash on the couch out of exhaustion. This will help you keep consistent and help you enjoy your workouts.

There are a number of exercises for you to try. Whatever your fitness level and whatever your ability you can always find something new and exciting. Different exercises work different muscle groups and provide both different levels of intensity. If you like a fast and intense workout then your workout will be different from someone who likes a more relaxing, stretching and low impact workout. Your weekly workout schedule should incorporate a number of different activities to work different muscle groups and different parts of the body, otherwise you risk over-training and you could get injured.

Finding what you enjoy is very important when it comes to working out. If you really hate what you do to work out then you won’t push yourself to do it and you’ll end up skipping workouts. While most activities provide some level of stress while you’re doing them, you should feel good afterwards, not beaten up and demoralized. Find the things you enjoy and work a few of those into your weekly workout schedule.

Working out at home can be very convenient, but if you’re serious about working out then you should consider joining a gym. You can find other people who are also interested in getting and staying fit to help provide you with the motivation to get going on the days when you’re just not quite there. Joining a gym also means you can use the exercise machines and weights without having to buy an extensive set of your own.

Keep things fresh by trying new activities every now and then. You can also turn daily activities into workouts to get some variety. Try cycling to the store when you need a few small things, or walking around a strip mall instead of driving around it. You could also try taking a new aerobics class or trying a new activity at your gym. All these will help you become more active.

Adding a personal trainer is one of the best things you can do to start getting fit. They will help motivate you when things are getting old, and help you develop a plan that will help you reach your goals without injuring you or becoming too aggressive and wearing you out. Speak to one today to get started on your personal fitness goals.

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