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By: Mark Lopes

There is no difference of opinion among experts and average persons alike; weekend should be enjoyed to the fullest. If you are someone concerned about your health, you should devote some time to retreats capable of helping your mind and body. And, the best option available at the moment is meditation retreats or courses. Meditation retreats even attended for a short time as for two days, on a weekend is known to work wonders for a person.
The observations given below are sure to be of help if you are someone exploring your options in the matter.
Types of meditation
Meditation is a personal experience. Quite naturally, defining it in a strictest sense is not possible. However, scientists classifies it into two; mindful meditation and its open-monitored variant. This too is done just for convenience. In the former, a person focuses on one simple thing for some time. It can be anything, from your own breathing to some kind of a sound. In the latter, you notice whatever is happening near you; without reacting to anything.
How it affects your brain
When meditating, the Frontal lobe, the part of the brain which takes care of reasoning becomes inactive. The same thing happens in Parietal lobe, which takes care of the orientation with time and space. The flow of information slows down leading to temporary slowdown of activity here. Thalamus, the guard of the brain, assigned with the task of determining as to what one should respond sends certain type of information. As a result, a person is able to focus his/her attention on a particular object. The frequency of signals sent to this part too becomes low when you meditate. Reticular formation, another of the guards of your brain entrusted with the task of making one’s body respond to a certain situation too slows down when you are in meditation.
Benefits of Meditation
All these activities happening inside your brain have the following effect on you:
• Your concentration increases
• You learn how to handle distractions effectively
• You become more compassionate
• Anxiety gets reduced
• Your immunity becomes stronger
• Your ability to stay calm in difficult situation gets boosted
• Meditation increases fertility
• It boosts your digestive system
• It lowers your blood pressure

Meditation weekend retreats

Meditation courses are offered all over the world. It implies that wherever you are, attending a retreat is not a tough job. Just be aware of your requirements and budget to take an informed decision. Following is a suggestion for your consideration.

Weekend retreats are truly small. But, that does not mean that they are not capable of giving you anything worthwhile. All you need to do to get the most out of a weekend retreat is to know your choices. Seeking recommendations from friends and family too would be of great help in the matter.

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